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What-if Challenges

Aligning Creativity with Organizational Goals. Discover What-if Challenges, the platform where creativity meets goals to fuel innovation. This tool is designed to align grassroots creativity with organizational objectives, fostering bottom-up innovation while integrating top-down insights.

Scheduled Campaigns and Sponsored Challenges

Organize and manage innovation campaigns and challenges on a scheduled basis. Scheduled campaigns ensure consistent engagement and participation, while sponsored challenges provide focused goals aligned with strategic organizational priorities. This structured approach encourages creativity within defined frameworks, driving innovation towards impactful outcomes.

Integrated Whiteboard and Chat

Facilitate collaborative ideation and discussion with integrated whiteboard and chat features. The whiteboard allows teams to visually map out ideas, concepts, and solutions in real-time, promoting creativity and collaboration. Combined with chat capabilities, teams can discuss, refine, and build upon ideas seamlessly, fostering a dynamic and interactive innovation environment.

Challenge to Ideas Mapping

Track and map challenges to ideas generated throughout the innovation process. This feature helps visualize the progression from initial challenges to innovative solutions, ensuring that every idea is connected to its originating challenge. By mapping challenges to ideas, organizations can measure the effectiveness of their innovation efforts and identify successful strategies for future initiatives.

Fuel Innovation with What-if Challenges

Elevate your innovation game with What-if Challenges, where creativity meets strategy to drive impactful outcomes. By integrating grassroots ideas with organizational goals, fostering collaboration through real-time tools, and tracking innovation progress, you can ensure that every idea contributes to achieving your strategic objectives. Embrace purposeful innovation today and unleash the full creative potential of your teams, propelling your organization towards transformative success.