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AI Assistant

In today’s digital workplace, fostering positive and constructive communication is essential. Our AI Assistant is designed to proactively assist users in achieving this goal through advanced sentiment analysis and writing assistance tools. By leveraging the power of AI, we help you create a more engaging and supportive communication environment.

Real-Time Writing Assistant

Our real-time writing assistant is your go-to tool for crafting positive and effective messages. As you type, the AI Assistant provides instant suggestions and feedback, helping you enhance the tone and clarity of your communication. This feature ensures that your messages are not only well-written but also positively received by your audience.

Sentiment Filtering

Maintaining a positive tone in all communications is crucial for a healthy work environment. The AI Assistant’s sentiment filtering feature analyzes your text and flags any negative or potentially harmful language. This proactive approach allows you to adjust your wording before sending, ensuring that your communications remain constructive and supportive.

Profanity Filter

The profanity filter censors or blocks profanity in free text response activities, such as comments, wishes, and open-ended activities. There are two ways to block profanity from users’ activities:

  • Censor Profanity: This method replaces profanity with asterisks. For example, if “Jerk” is in the profanity dictionary, “You jerk” becomes “You ****”.
  • Block Responses with Profanity: This method rejects responses containing profanity, preventing them from being displayed. It uses the moderation approval flag to allow through messages that look acceptable. Rejected messages can still be viewed in the Moderator view and in reports.

Sentiment Scoring

To provide further insight into the tone of your messages, the AI Assistant includes sentiment scoring. This feature assigns a sentiment score to your text, indicating the overall positivity or negativity. By understanding the sentiment score, you can make necessary adjustments to foster a more positive and engaging interaction.


Transform Your Communication Strategy

Elevate your communication game with our AI Assistant, your trusted ally in creating engaging and positive messages. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, our user-friendly interface provides real-time assistance and feedback to ensure your messages are impactful and supportive. Say goodbye to negative language and hello to a constructive communication culture with our AI Assistant by your side. Start transforming the way you communicate today and watch your workplace environment thrive.