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Your All-In-One

Rewards & Recognition Solution

To 'Appreciate'

Your People.

Values-based recognition of your reports or peers to promote teamwork, innovation or simply respect.

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Recognizing Excellence, Rewarding Success: Our Employees, Our Stars!

Make Birthdays Special: Personalized Celebrations.

Easily send personalized messages, virtual cards or tokens to make each member feel valued. Our platform customizes experiences to match individual preferences, from heartfelt messages to surprise gifts, fostering a truly special connection.

  • Automated Birthday Awards
  • Birthday Reminders and Spotlights
  • Customizable Birthday eCards

Create Lasting Impact with Milestone Awards.

It’s not just about the award – it’s about the impact. Milestone Awards go beyond a simple pat on the back to create lasting moments of appreciation and connection.

  • Years of Service
  • Project Completion
  • Employee of the Month
  • Sales Goals

Boost Morale: Recognize Talent with Bonuses.

Boost morale and show gratitude with bonuses that recognize and appreciate your talent’s contributions.

  • Monthly Booster Points Allocation for Managers (Automated/On-Demand)
  • Points-to-Currency Conversion
  • Customizable Privacy Settings

Nominate and Celebrate Achievers.

Recognize individuals who go above and beyond, complemented by a flexible approval system that you can configure for immediate or quarterly review cycles, ensuring the right people approve in the manner most suited to your organization.

  • Customizable Awards and Certificates
  • Configurable Nomination Approval Workflow
  • Nomination Approval Dashboard

Celebrate Success with Personalized Awards.

Foster a culture of appreciation and support with our user-friendly award program, offering personalized options for cash or cashless reward choices and customized award certificates.

  • Spot Award & Planned Recognition
  • Custom Certificates
  • Cash Equivalent Award
  • Non-monetary Award

650+ Global Brands: Delight in Every Choice.

Ranging from well-loved retailers to unique, exclusive brands. We’ve carefully curated a variety to cater to every taste and preference, all offered at zero markup through our user-friendly shopping cart model.

  • Reward Marketplace
  • Instant eDelivery of Gift Cards
  • Global Support of 25+ Currencies
  • Payroll Integration

Win Moments, Not Just Prizes.

Prizes that promise not just satisfaction, but memorable moments such as personalized virtual reality experiences, tailored streaming subscriptions, augmented reality events and custom bucket list adventures.

  • Diverse Entertainment Options
  • Local Attractions Passes
  • Travel Packages
  • Family-Inclusive Rewards

Beyond Rewards: Feel Valued and Connected.

Offering more than just generic rewards; Our Incentives create a unique sense of belonging and connectedness. This is especially important for remote workers, ensuring they feel truly integrated as part of the team.

  • Paid Time Off & Volunteering Day Off
  • Wellness Basket & New Hire Welcome Basket
  • Lunch With Your Leader
  • VIP Parking

Empower Giving: Impact Communities Together.

Support diverse charities and initiatives through our platform, making a local and global impact. We simplify employee contributions to causes from local to global, enabling meaningful change.

  • Donation as Rewards
  • Diverse Charity Options
  • Compliant with Local Regulations

Amplify Pride and Foster Positivity.

Empower employees with peer-to-peer appreciation that fosters a culture of positivity and pride. Boost motivation, engagement, and a sense of belonging by democratizing recognition and enhancing morale and camaraderie with each interaction.

  • Actions Eligible for Earning Points
  • Point Values for Engagement Actions

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