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Innovation Minds ROI

Save Big. Win Big. With Innovation Minds Enterprise Solution.

Enter basic parameters
Your Employee Headcount
Average Employee Salary (USD) Industry Average ($60k)
Employee Turnover Rate (%) Industry Standard is 15%
Avg. Cost to Replace any Employee (%) Industry Standard is 33% of annual salary
Revenue Multiplier per Employee Industry Standard is 3X of annual salary
Absenteeism Cost (%) Industry Standard is 3% of annual salary
Expected turnover
(Headcount * turnover Rate)
Cost to replace
(Avg. Annual Salary * Cost to replace)
Expected reduction in turnover by higher engagement and innovation (%)
150 19800
Savings from retaining talent 891000
Headcount Revenue generated
(Revenue Factor * Avg. Annual Salary)
Minimum productivity boost by higher engagement and innovation (%)
1000 180000
Boosted productivity value 1800000
Headcount Absenteeism costs
(Avg. Annual Revenue * Cost of absenteeism)
Expected reduction in absenteeism by higher engagement and innovation (%)
1000 5400
Savings from retaining Talent 2160000
Innovation Minds Our Co-Opetitors
Your Investment in USD 30000
Savings from your Investment 4851000 4851000
Your ROI 404 162

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