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Innovation is Reason Enough to Engage

Don’t just run occasional innovation challenges that end up being extra effort for all your people. Use our AI engine to make innovation an easy part of everyone’s everyday work.


Real innovation doesn’t happen overnight, and it rarely comes from a solo innovator. Rather, innovation is a team sport; most likely a diverse and highly engaged team. It seems logical to wonder, then, why most organizations – even those with innovation as a core value – have not continuously and heavily invested in diversity and employee engagement.

The software can help organizations manage their innovation funnel, and it can actuate impactful engagement in the process. It takes a modern, comprehensive, and AI-powered solution to guide and engage innovators in the flow of work. And it takes capabilities and insights that ensure you maximize engagement and optimize team formation.

Questions to think about:

How can you leverage technology to identify the right collaborators and potential sponsors of a new project or product?

How will you optimize the human potential of your workforce?

What could your organization accomplish once you are firing on all cylinders?

Our Innovation Management Solution:

Allows you to measure, reward, and recognize contributions to projects, products, and new ideas.

Provides collaborative assessments and surveys to gain real-time insights on what’s top of mind across your teams.

Supports real-time activity feeds and integrated event management for easy access to what’s important.

Creates innovator profiles that help you learn more about your colleagues to form stronger working relationships.

Suggests colleagues for your project to increase the likelihood of success.

Tracks individual and team goals.

Orchestrates engagement in the flow of work.

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