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Innovation Management Solution

To 'Ideate'.

Don’t let innovation be a rare or difficult thing. Use Innovation Minds to integrate it seamlessly into your daily work routine.

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Celebrating Excellence, Rewarding Success: Our Employees, the Stars of Innovation!

Innovation Challenges

Fueling Innovation: Where Creativity Meets Goals.

Align grassroots creativity with organizational goals through top-down insights, fueling bottom-up innovation.

  • Scheduled Campaigns and Sponsored Challenges
  • Integrated Whiteboard and Chat
  • Challenge to Ideas Mapping

From Spark to Strategy: Share Ideas.

Transform Every Spark into Actionable Ideas! From the smallest spark to strategic visions, share effortlessly through our mobile app. Alternatively, email us and watch our cutting-edge email engine turn your messages into impactful ideas.

  • Draft, Submit and Share Ideas
  • Anonymous Idea Submission
  • View all ideas, comments, likes and mentions
  • Customizable Idea Submission Forms
Idea Hub
Idea AI Analyzer

Instant Idea Feedback: Market-Ready AI Insights.

Instant Feedback on Your Ideas! Get insights on how your concept matches up with today’s market trends and consumer tastes, plus expert advice on design and development.

  • Instant Feedback on Business Ideas
  • Comprehensive Business Analysis
  • Target Audience Identification
  • Customized Business Strategies
  • Marketing & Branding Guidance

Innovate Smarter: Insights on Ideas & Patents.

Offers a comprehensive overview of similar ideas and patents, providing holistic guidance from title comparisons to in-depth content analysis. This enables innovators to make informed adjustments early in the development process.

  • Identify Similar Ideas
  • Search for Similar Patents
  • De-duplication and Consolidation
Comparable Ideas & Patents
Idea Scorecards

Empower Action, Drive Results: Scorecards.

Transforming evaluations into action. Empower your team to prioritize ideas, allocate resources and realize innovation. From boosting efficiency to fostering innovation culture, Scorecards keep you ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

  • Impact Score
  • Popularity Score
  • Completeness Score
  • Sentiment Score

Empower Decisions: Voice Your Vote Now.

Empower every team member to shape your organization’s direction with their voice and vote. From generating new ideas to driving strategic initiatives, our platform ensures democratic participation and transparent decision-making.

  • Multiple Voting Mechanisms – Upvotes, likes or rating scales
  • Real-time Results
  • Anonymous Voting
Crowd Voting
Virtual Whiteboard

Seamless Virtual Whiteboards.

Enhance team collaboration, communication and brainstorming across remote and distributed teams, effortlessly integrated with each of your projects and ideas for seamless teamwork.

  • Interactive Tools
  • Real-Time Invitations
  • Anonymous Collaboration
  • Instant Voting and Celebrations

Streamline Tasks, Unlock Peak Efficiency.

Empowers you to streamline processes, automate routine tasks and optimize resource allocation, allowing your team to focus on high-value work that drives results. They’re your secret weapon for unlocking peak efficiency and productivity.

  • Customizable Workflow Stages
  • Automated Idea Graduation
  • Automated Email Reminders
Innovator Profile

Empower, Understand, Innovate: Unlock Potential.

Drives empathy and collaboration across diverse teams, transforming insights into actionable strategies that enhance performance, productivity, and innovation. Empowers teams to confidently achieve strategic goals.

  • Employee Information
  • Skillset and Recent Activities
  • Engagement Trends
  • AI Personality Insights (Supported Models: MBTI, DISC and OCEAN)

From Ideas to Impact: Integrated Projects.

Effortlessly elevate winning ideas into impactful projects with our distinctive collaborative project management tool, designed to maintain inclusive momentum and achieve meaningful results.

  • Kanban/Scrum Boards
  • Project Manager & PMO Dashboards
  • Resource Allocation
  • Time and Effort Tracking
Integrated Project Management

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