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Building the future of innovation

Innovation Minds is an Innovation Management Cloud Platform for businesses and institutions to manage innovation programs for disruption ideas or continuous improvements, either employee-facing or external. Built-in Strategic/AI assessments, Feedback management, Event management, and Pulse Survey Management, with scalable components for mobile and web apps. Our tools make it easy for organizations to harness the power of Innovation. We want to change the way people innovate and scale. For media inquiries, contact

Innovation Minds announces a holistic Rewards-as-a-Service model for managing Rewards, Recognition and Redemption Programs

Innovation Minds, a Silicon Valley-based company, announced today the launch of their new Rewards-as-a-Service solution. With this solution, Innovation Minds is enabling companies to offer their employees tailored reward options in order to increase talent retention and satisfaction.


November 22nd, 2022

A Cutting-Edge Solution to the Talent Pandemic Blues: Silicon Valley Think Tank Launches Initiative to Empower Organizations.

Innovation Minds today announced the launch of its Innovation Minds Enterprise, a consulting and advisory service packaged with a cloud solution offering a new way for organizations to create a workplace environment that maximizes employee experience, innovation and retention.

December 16th, 2021

“At the Edge,” a New Global Podcast from Innovation Minds, Is Now Live.

Silicon Valley-based company Innovation Minds announced today a crucial step in helping to solve the newest challenges of the post-pandemic global workplace by launching a new podcast: At the Edge On Innovation & Employee Engagement.

June 29th, 2021

Innovation Minds and Capstone Legal Join Forces

Innovation Minds and Capstone Legal Join Forces to Bring Technology and Innovation to the Advancement of Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion Agenda in Organizations.

August 17th, 2020

Innovation Minds and InnovationOne Join Forces

The join will tie together a foundational scientific, research-based approach for assessing and prescribing product innovation management capabilities and culture readiness with beautifully engaging, time saving Innovation Management software.

July 28th, 2020

Gary Covert Consulting Partnership

Team Innovation Minds is super excited to forge the alliance with Gary Covert Consulting to help driving Enterprise Innovation for Distributed and Remote Workforces. A timely need indeed.

April 7th, 2020

Impact Matters! Innovation Minds uses Silicon Valley Intelligence to Empower Global NGOs.

Silicon Valley HR tech start-up Innovation Minds has announced its third partnership with a major American NGO, making it arguably the world’s fastest up-and-coming specialist on innovation management and employee experience with not-for-profits.


February 24th, 2022

AP News
Innovation Minds to Invest One Million Dollars into World Creativity and Innovation in April.

Innovation Minds, based in Silicon Valley, has announced an incredible celebration in honor of World Creativity and Innovation Week in April, in the form of “Spring Forward 2022” grants for selected enterprises, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).


March 30th, 2022

U.S. Embassy Exchange Alumni Lead Innovation Workshop with U.S. Experts.

Almost 20 Surinamese community leaders recently completed an eight-week workshop focused on innovation through an effort led by alumni of the U.S. Embassy’s exchange programs and funded through an Embassy small grant.


March 30th, 2022

Innovation Minds Scores Big Win Toward Its Promise of Making Engagement as Natural as Breathing.

Today, Innovation Minds announced that it was making strides toward its promise of making engagement as natural as breathing with new features added to its innovation-based employee engagement platform.


August 24th, 2022

Team Innovation Minds cracked the code to end quiet quitting – New version 1.5 is now available.

Today, Innovation Minds announced a new version of the Innovation Minds Enterprise. The platform is a holistic employee experience cloud solution designed to help enterprises conquer the recent workforce challenges including quiet quitting, great resignation, and a looming recession..


September 22nd, 2022

Innovation Minds announces a VIP Pilot program for executing a 3-4x increase in your Engagement & Innovation.

Innovation Minds, a Silicon Valley-based company, announced today the launch of its VIP Pilot program. The program aims to serve organizations which are keenly interested in championing innovation & engagement at their company and want to get started without having to worry about the change management efforts.


October 24th, 2022

Innovation Minds announces a holistic Survey-as-a-Service model for managing enterprise engagement surveys

Innovation Minds, a Silicon Valley-based company, announced today the launch of their new cloud-based survey solution, which combines both the breakthrough technology and embedded AI as well as the associated services.


November 15th, 2022

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