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Improve employee satisfaction and engagement, build a network of positive relationships, and create a thriving community in your organization.

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Culture Portal

Engagement Board
Connect with your Team
Collaborate with your Team
Celebrate your Team

Engagement Board

Nurture employees’ collaboration and knowledge by enabling them to receive relevant updates and highlights across silos regardless of geography.

  • Engagement activity feed
  • Public and private comments
  • Realtime sentiment analysis
  • Likes

Connect with your Team

Building a culture of community and connection at work is the first step to cultivating the sense of feeling like they belong.

  • 1:1s (integrated with Outlook/Google)
  • My manager & peers
  • Join a team
  • Best performers

Collaborate with your Team

Working together to achieve common goals on behalf of your team and company to drive engagement and performance.

  • Search by Name/Skills
  • Event Hub
  • Suggestions Box
  • Chat and Whiteboards

Celebrate your Team

Celebrating both the large and smaller milestones and accomplishments of your peers encourages them to continue to strive.

  • Birthday wishes
  • Anniversary wishes
  • Movers & Shakers
  • Spotlights

Rewards & Recognition

Employee Rewards
Employee Recognition
Employee Incentives©
Giving Works©

Employee Rewards

Reward your talent with the most powerful Rewards Marketplace.

  • Spot Awards
  • Milestone & Service Awards
  • Rewards Marketplace (eGifts & Featured items)
  • Award certificates and wallet access

Employee Recognition

Transform every work achievement into a social celebration.

  • Manager Recognition
  • Peer to peer recognition
  • Nominations, Awards & Automated eCards
  • Wall of fame

Employee Incentives©

Flexible incentive programs to drive behavior and performance.

  • Eligible actions to earn your rewards
  • Eligible actions to award your peers
  • Points to local cash mapping
  • Gamification and badges

Giving Works©

Earn points to reward your peers or donate to a cause.

  • Earn your pride to donate to a cause
  • Points to donation cash mapping
  • Donation Marketplace
  • Donation certificates and wallet access

Employee Surveys

Ready to use Surveys
Powerful Insights
Focus Areas
Proven Action Planning

Ready to use Surveys

An arsenal of survey tools to help you understand and improve your engagement, onboarding, exit, and more.

  • Science-backed and Customizable Surveys
  • Privacy Configuration
  • Bulk invite & reminders
  • Rerun/Archive

Powerful Insights

Intuitive dashboards and AI analytics to help improve retention, engagement and overall customer satisfaction.

  • Real-time KPIs & Insights
  • Effortless results and rollup reports export
  • Reports by Manager, Location and Department
  • MoM, QoQ, YoY data comparison

Focus Areas

Identify and tackle on the highest impact areas, as well as give specific focus at individual question level.

  • Question Scores
  • Theme Scores
  • Most Favorable Areas
  • Most Unfavorable Areas

Proven Action Planning

Continuously improve the employee experience and drive strong cultural outcomes at your team and companywide.

  • Manager PDF Survey Reports
  • Collaborative AI Insights Workshop
  • Personalized Action Plans
  • Follow Up Idea Challenges

Manager Tools

Know your Team
Talent KPIs
Talent Insights
Engagement Reports

Know your Team

Help build manager-employee relations while motivating employees to help push the company toward achieving its goals.

  • Know your Employees
  • Know your Orgs
  • Drill down/up your hierarchy
  • Manager Actions

Talent KPIs

Understand the performance and health of your team to make critical adjustments in your execution to achieve your strategic goals.

  • Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)
  • Average Scores for Engagement Tenets
  • Customizable KPI Views
  • Integrate your own KPIs

Talent Insights

Empower your leaders to retain and engage their people through insights they need to understand what inspires their teams.

  • Engagement Insights
  • Survey Insights
  • Innovation Insights
  • People /Personality Insights

Engagement Reports

Empower your managers with the right dataset to find the right path to increase engagement, innovation and productivity.

  • Standard Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • CSV Downloads
  • APIs for Tools Integration

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