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Power of AI & ML

Relating Ideas

Innovation Minds’ AI engines match proposed ideas with similar ideas already in your program database.  

As you type or voice-to-text your idea’s title and description, our natural language processing (NLP) will inform you of the related ideas in real time.

NLP is a field of Artificial Intelligence dedicated to teaching computers to understand similar content or context and give them a level of confidence score.

As an innovator you can decide to move ahead as planned  or to merge your concept with a related idea that is already in the works.

Our Artificial Intelligence engine uses the TF-IDF algorithm (Term Frequency — Inverse Document Frequency) and cosine similarity to accomplish this.

Relating Patents

Innovation Minds’ Artificial Intelligence engines match your proposed ideas with similar ideas from the US Patent Office’s database.

As you start typing or voicing-to-text your idea’s title and/or description, our NLP system will immediately inform you of the related patents.

As an innovator you can decide to move ahead by tweaking your idea to create sufficient differentiation and take any other course correction to make your idea still novel, non-obvious and relevant.

Consolidating Ideas

This feature enables innovators, mentors, judges, and program administrators to consolidate and de-deduplicate ideas identified as related.

It provides both ‘Merge To’ or ‘Merge From’ options to either merge your idea to a related idea or also to split them apart.

Both of the idea teams will be informed of the consolidation or deconsolidation via emails. The action is also added as a work progress comment to both ideas.

Recommending Teammates

Our patented system uses the combination of the IBM Watson AI engine and our proprietary K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) algorithm to learn how each user innovates and generate individual composite profiles.

The Talent Development can use this feedback to help individual employees strengthen their innovation competencies. Our Recommend Teammates feature uses these composite profiles as well as individuals’ skills and demographics to suggest teammates when you look for help to build your ideas.

These recommendations find potential teammates by the skills and also based on how well your personality matches with theirs.

You will easily put together your dream team. We will enable it.

Sentiment Score

Sentiment analysis is contextual mining of user comments which identifies and extracts subjective information and helping you to understand the social sentiment of the ideas, projects, challenges, and events while monitoring online conversations.

We use an intelligent smart search algorithm called Contextual Semantic Search (a.k.a. CSS) to identify and report sentiments Real-time to the users as they enter their comments, also as the aggregated sentiment score to the stakeholders as a means of scoring and judging them.

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