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Your All-In-One

Survey Management Platform

To 'Listen To' Your People.

Let your Talent know their voice is being heard. Help them advance and grow by understanding what excites and inspires them.

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Valuing the feedback of your team at every step.

Employee Survey

Boost engagement by nurturing a culture that values and amplifies every employee’s voice.

Onboarding Survey

Enhance your onboarding process by gathering valuable insight and responding to feedback.

Management Survey

Strengthen your manager’s skills and outcomes by incorporating comprehensive feedback from 360°.

Stay Interviews

Leverage stay interviews to delve into the motivations and values that matter most to your employees.

Well-Being Survey

Remain vigilant about your team’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being for optimal performance.

DEI Survey

Build a culture that champions individuality and welcomes a diversity of fresh ideas and viewpoints.

Exit Interviews

Gain insights into the factors contributing to talent turnover and implement strategies to enhance retention.

More Surveys

Access a comprehensive suite of employee feedback solutions with our Survey Management solution.

Tailored Engagement Surveys.

Leverage scientifically grounded and adaptable engagement survey templates tailored for every stage from hire to retire, complete with industry-specific benchmark reports for comparative analysis and strategic realignment.

  • 80+ survey templates, complete with industry benchmarks and actionable plans
  • Customizable Privacy Settings
  • Bulk Invitation and Reminder Capabilities
  • Options to Rerun or Archive Surveys

Break Language Barriers and Foster Collaboration.

Our platform connects team members across cultures, ensuring every voice is heard and valued, regardless of background or location.

  • Language support for English, Spanish, Japanese, German and French
  • We continue to expand our language support as necessary

Achieve Maximum Employee Participation.

Boost your employee survey participation rates by striving for nearly 100% response. We simplify the survey process by offering multiple accessible entry points and providing multilingual support.

  • Mobile App
  • Email, SMS and Kiosk
  • Direct Survey Link: Quick access without login, securely handled

Empower Managers: Know Your Team.

Beyond traditional KPIs, the unique Know Your Team Dashboard empowers managers with insights and reports for superior talent management. This feature enables quicker, more informed decisions based on team feedback.

  • Participation Score, Sentiment Analysis and Word Clouds
  • Scores at the Question Level, Theme Level and Overall Survey
  • Standard and Customizable Reports & APIs for seamless integration
  • PDF and CSV downloads for convenient data handling

Visualize Trends: Make Informed Decisions.

Visualize survey data in intuitive timelines that showcase trends and fluctuations with precision. Identify seasonal variations, track the impact of initiatives, and spot emerging patterns that may impact your organization’s performance.

  • Comparative Metrics
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Segmentation Options
  • Actionable Insights

Engagement Deep Dive: Discover, Compare, Act.

Dive deep into engagement with our drilldown heatmap reports, offering 360-degree comparisons to past surveys, organizational overviews, rollup summaries and industry benchmarks.

  • Across the Entire Organization
  • Over Industry Benchmark
  • Over Previous Survey
  • Over Rollup Reports

Real-Time Insights: Lead with Confidence.

Our real-time benchmark reports, featuring eNPS scores and AI, provide managers with clear, industry-specific insights using meticulously sourced data from a select group of clients representative of each industry. Our samples include:

  • Each organization contributes data for between 50 and 1,500 participants
  • Approximately 250 to 5,000 individuals from over 20 organizations
  • An impressive median response rate of 89%

Action Plans: Transform Strategies, Drive Impact.

Convert industry-specific insights into actionable strategies, offering personalized improvement plans for each manager for impactful results. Industries include Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Education, Non Profit, Technology, Construction, Food & Beverage and Finance.

  • Tailored Manager Action Plans for Your Industry
  • Design Custom Action Plans
  • Downloadable PDF Reports

Deep Dive: Insightful Hierarchical Analytics.

Easily navigate the organizational hierarchy for targeted performance metrics. From individual analysis to team progress and organizational trends, our dynamic reports empower informed decision-making for impactful outcomes.

  • Drill-Down into Your Managerial Hierarchy
  • Actionable Survey Insights
  • Manager Actions

Annual Surveys Meet Monthly Insights.

Combine infrequent annual surveys with monthly SMS check-ins for instant updates on employee sentiment, keeping you constantly informed and agile.

  • Elevate All-Hands or Town Halls with Dynamic Check-Ins
  • Wellness Workshops Realtime Feedback
  • Company Events Feedback

Download Industry Benchmark Reports

Discover the secrets behind the success of worldwide companies in enhancing employee experiences. Innovation Minds delves into thousands of survey responses to uncover patterns in organizational culture and effectiveness. Gain industry-specific benchmarks and insights customized for your industry.

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