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App Integrations

HRIS Integration

HRIS Integration

Full and up-to-date list of all workers in client organization through nightly refresh. Payroll integration for rewards and overtime payments.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools

Innovation Minds integrations with communication and collaboration tools help you to tackle the challenges you run into while keeping employees engaged from anywhere.

SSO & oAuth

SSO & oAuth

Our user authentication methodology allows your employees to access our applications and services with your corporate credentials instead remembering one more dataset.

Enterprise Tools

Enterprise Tools

Innovation Minds seamlessly integrates with Google Play store and Apple Appstore, JIRA for Project Integrations and SFTP for general but secured file transfers.

Innovation Minds Integrations

HRIS Inbound

Personal information changes, reporting changes, new hires join, existing employees leave, attendance and hours fluctuate.

In general, this will be a nightly or weekly. We can increase the frequency if needed.

Outbound towards your Payroll

Rewards may be considered additional income, and the value of the reward may be included in your employee’s year end tax forms, and in some cases, they may even be reported in the respective paychecks. De minimis benefits is common too.

Full time and non exempt employees covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) must receive overtime pay for all hours worked past the 40 hour workweek. Either we can restrict users not to access the platform in off hours, or, we should allow them but compensate the additional hours accordingly.

Outlook & Google
Calendar Integration

You already have a clear and organized workflow in your calendar tool, but what about all of the 1:1s and event reminders from Innovation Minds platform?

It is now easy to integrate your calendar and Innovation Minds via two-way sync so you can see everything in one place.

Currently we support Microsoft Outlook and Goggle Calendar, rest is in the pipeline.

oAuth & Social Media Tools

Social Media Open Authentication

The Innovation Minds platform can be integrated into clients’ Active Directory or Single Sign-On for user authentication.

There is also an increasing need to support Open Innovation to pull in partners, suppliers and customers to enable co-innovation and co-creation.

To support this, Innovation Minds offers seamless OAuth (Open Authentication) integration with popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Google, Apple and Facebook.

PMO Tools
JIRA Platforms

JIRA/IntegrIt is a great tool to graduate winning ideas to become active projects using a structured project management approach.

Innovation Minds offers a unique and innovative collaborative project management tool that integrates into your existing idea management seamlessly.

If you have been using other project management tools such as JIRA/, the platform allows you to configure integration with those quickly as well.

Collaboration Tools


Innovation Minds integrates with popular collaboration tools such as Slack and Teams.

When you create a new program or site within your enterprise portal, you can control which platform you want your program updates to be relayed to. You can also ensure that you configure the updates with the correct access and API credentials of that tool.

Two-way updates with Slack or Teams can also be customized wherever needed.

Sharepoint Integration

Innovation Minds integrates with Sharepoint in many ways.

Not only you can integrate Innovation Minds platform authentication with the Microsoft Access Management framework, but you can also integrate standard and custom reports from your innovation programs to Share Point lists seamlessly. Another way our clients use the platforms together is to exchange documents through reference links to your Ideas and projects.

Your Ecosystem

You already have many systems in place that are working well.

To simplify implementation, our Innovation Platform integrates with your existing technology.

The integration can be achieved through simple admin configurations, whether it is for Active Directory or Single Sign-On for user authentication, email systems, or HR Systems.

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