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Run a Pilot

Get fast results and understand impact quickly without any risk.

Our Customer Success Manager and Product Support Team will be with you from day one.

Week 1

Plan your Pilot

Start before the start!

Choose a goal and select your team of 20+. We’ll customize the pilot for your situation and handle the communication and creating awareness.

    Week 2

    Establish your Baseline

    Where you are, where you want to go!

    We will help you find the strengths and weaknesses of your current engagement initiatives with a simple evaluation. You can now access your personalized Portal that we have set up and launched for you.

    Week 3

    Experience it Firsthand

    Innovation based Engagement

    Experience how Innovation Minds boosts your engagement and collaboration with an Innovation Sprint supported by our Employee Experience Platform.

    Week 4

    Go or No-Go

    Prove the business case

    In just a month, you’ll see the difference Innovation Minds makes. We’ll prepare a presentation and a report with concrete opportunities for your business case. Then your leadership will have an easy decision. To proceed or not?

    I’m ready to talk about running a pilot.