The Hybrid Workplace: How to Humanize It

The hybrid workplace combines the best and worst of office and remote. As hard as it can be to humanize work at all, hybrid is the hardest. The hybrid workplace is of course more complex than either of the 100% alternatives. Success in the hybrid workplace means...

Remote Work Works – Ten Powerful Whys and Ways to Succeed

Remote work is here to stay, as part of our permanently hybrid future.  Yes, we said this already in our blog post two weeks ago. But it really can’t be emphasized enough. More than half of companies have had more than 80% of their employees working...

Employee Experience – Ten Reasons It’s So Important for Employers

Employees are resources. They are also human beings. Top leaders are getting clear today about the importance of treating their talent as individuals, not elements. The increase in calling top HR positions "Head of People" and the like is just some of the evidence....

How to Win the Hybrid Workplace in Four Simple Steps

The Hybrid Workplace its the world's next big business challenge, cutting across all verticals, positions, job roles and industries. 70% of employees want hybrid work to continue according to a Microsoft study. . Yet the same 70% want more in-person collaboration. How...
Your Happy Hybrid Workplace Roadmap for Breakthrough Post-Pandemic Success

Your Happy Hybrid Workplace Roadmap for Breakthrough Post-Pandemic Success

The world of work has changed.

This statement is not a new one – but this time the change is radical and irrevocable, not just another hot fad. In response to the pandemic, the long-awaited shift to remote work has become a reality for a majority of companies. To be more precise, the new reality lies in hybrid work – the combination of remote and office-based situations.

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