Innovation + Engagement =

The Formula for Success.

Reduce Turnover & Improve Performance using our AI-powered and cloud-based EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE SOLUTION.

Combine Head, Heart & Technology to Increase, Reward and Recognize your employees’ contributions.

Combat Tool Exhaustion by managing your Ideas, Projects, Products, and Events, all in one place.

Boost employee engagement, productivity, and innovation by 2-5X.

Give your Talent the best Employee Experience.

We all know that engaged employees innovate better. But did you know that innovation is a key tool for engagement?

Make daily ENGAGEMENT your goal and practice, and INNOVATION as natural as breathing.

Don’t just measure engagement. Create it.


Human Connection is the Heart of Employee Experience

HYBRID WORK is here to stay. Are you able to keep your workforce connected?

Innovation Minds can be your holistic digital workspace for Hybrid Teams to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate.

Our AI-powered and cloud-based EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE SOLUTION boosts employee engagement, productivity, and innovation.


Get your Workplace Up-to-date

Stop using systems created before the work world changed.

Use the LATEST approaches and NEWEST technologies to triumph over today’s new challenges.

TRANSFORM your company’s CULTURE by giving everyone a clear role in your organization’s success. Watch your results outpace your wildest expectations.



Our EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE SOLUTION™ is the only holistic AI/ML-driven system that combines the latest in employee engagement with cutting-edge project and innovation management systems.

It’s an engaging SaaS (Software as a Service) solution full of easy-to-use tools where your employees can connect from wherever they are, every day. For an authentic hybrid workplace employee experience that works.

Supported by our network of world-class Master Facilitators and Ideapreneurs. You can include employees, partners, and customers all in one space – or group them in environments according to your preference.

Over time, our system builds detailed Engagement Scores and User Profiles based on the Big 5, DISC and MBTI models, allowing you to understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses based on real information.

Creating an upward spiral of success for your employees, your leaders, and your entire organization.

community in hybrid work



Innovation Minds connects people.

Engagement and Innovation both happen when your people interact.

We get your people talking and working together wherever they are.

Using our Four Step process we call AT THE EDGE.




“I cannot say enough about how much fun it was to have Innovation Minds at Fannie Mae CIO conference — and it is not easy to keep approximately 75 mortgage industry CIOs/CTOs thoroughly engaged!”

Kristen Hoffman

Innovation Program Manager, Fannie Mae

“Innovation & Engagement Portal just for the Davis, facilitating Ideathon, Makeathon & Shark Tank & events, and utilizing your network to find sponsors! Thank you to make our inaugural Creator Challenge Series a success.”

Liz Tang

Eng. Student Startup Center, Director

“I continue to get requests – even today – from organizations across Comcast that want Ideathon and other thons brought to their organizations. Many thanks for a great collaborative experience with the platform and the program – very kick ass!”


Innovation Program Leader, Comcast

“6-THON and Engagement & Innovation Portal are big hits in our Behavioral Healthcare community in North Carolina. Definitely stimulated a flow of ideas not within our company but also from all of our partners.”

Kevin Enis



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