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Our innovation management solution combines an intuitive software platform with a framework of live events to accelerate innovation. 


What we do

We accelerate innovation for game-changing results.

Our holistic solution seamlessly joins the online and real world. Our intuitive crowdsourcing platform and live events engage employees, partners, and customers. And best of all, you always have the right support through our master facilitators and customer service

Innovation Platform

Innovation Management Platform integrates with your existing systems and tools. 

We know that you already have many systems in place that are working well. To simplify implementation, the Innovation Platform integrates with your existing technology. So whether you’re already using Communications or Collaboration software, we adapt Innovation Minds technology to work within your environment.

Holistic Approach to Innovation

Best of the Online and Real World

Innovation Minds is a holistic combination of crowdsourcing platform and in-person events. Use our network of master facilitators or your own in-house team.  This solution will revolutionize how you:

  • Assess strategic challenges
  • Jumpstart innovation and manage experimentation
  • Collaborate on new ideas using Innovation Management Platform and live events (6-THONs© Framework
  • Monitor progress of ideas and evaluate impact scores
  • Develop the best ideas into profitable products, services, and solutions

Over time, our system uses AI to give feedback (Innovator Profiles) so employees can improve their innovation competencies.


innovation minds solution

Strategic Insights / 360° Assessment Tool

360° Assessment provides a strategic blueprint that showcases highlights and lowlights to align stakeholders on key strategic challenges.  

6-THONs© Events Framework

These six live events jumpstart employee engagement and guide the process from idea creation to prototyping and successful completion of winning solutions. 

Innovation Management Platform

This state-of-the-art portal allows employees to actively engage in the ideation, refinement, and selection process through any device.

Innovator Profiles

Using AI/Machine Learning, the portal generates Innovator Profiles to help develop your organization’s innovation muscle and increase collaboration with employees, partners, and customers.

Some of our clients

We work across industries and business sizes, including cloud-based services, consumer goods, healthcare, communications, insurance, education, government agencies, and non-profits.


“I cannot say enough about how much fun it was to have Bala at our CIO conference — and it is not easy to keep approximately 75 mortgage industry CIOs/CTOs thoroughly engaged!”

Kristen Hoffman

Innovation Program Manager, Fannie Mae

“Innovation Portal just for the Davis, planning and executing Ideathon, Sharkatahon & Makeathon events, and utilizing your network to find sponsors! Thank you to make our inaugural Creator Challenge Series a success.”

Liz Tang

Eng. Student Startup Center, Director

“I continue to get requests – even today – from organizations across Comcast that wants Ideathon brought to their organizations. Many thanks for a great collaborative experience – very kick ass!”


Innovation Program Leader, Comcast

“6-Thons and Innovation Portal are big hits in our Behavioral Healthcare community in NC. Definitely stimulated a flow of ideas not within our company but also from all of our partners.”

Kevin Enis


Innovator’s Blog

Keep informed with the latest on innovative process, tools, and techniques. 

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Our holistic innovation management solution seamlessly joins the online and real world. We provide an intuitive crowdsourcing platform and live events to engage employees, partners, and customers.

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