Our comprehensive HYBRID ENGAGEMENT SOLUTION™ is a holistic combination of AI-driven crowdsourcing platforms with in-person or virtual events, supported by our network of Master Facilitators, Thought Leaders, and Ideapreneurs.

Our solution will revolutionize how you:

  • Align Your Goals with Real Challenges
  • Keep Employees Connected and Engaged
  • Crowdsource Breakthrough Solutions Fast
  • Enable Collaboration Across Remote Teams
  • Leverage Project Management to Advance Winning Ideas
  • Run Real-Time Competitions to Maximize Employee Enthusiasm
  • Foster a Spirit of Healthy Competitiveness
  • Assess Your Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses for Most Efficient Growth
  • Optimize the Value of Your Innovation Campaigns
innovation framework



Innovation happens when people interact. We get your people talking with one another, working together whether they’re in the office, work from home or hybrid.

As your team uses Innovation Minds, organic, sustainable innovation happens at each step – in a way that can be measured and reported. You can engage employees, partners and customers all in one space – or group them according to your preference.

Over time, our system uses AI/ML to measure each user’s growth with every interaction and build detailed Innovator Profiles based on the Big 5, DISC and MBTI models. A few months of regular use builds an increasingly reliable data set that allows you to understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses based on hard information. Employees can identify their areas of greatest and least competencies with ease. And you will walk with them every step of the way.



Our innovation management platform is infinitely customizable to suit your needs.

You can adapt the format of the Ideas, Challenges, Projects, Events, Surveys and other elements to make them as detailed or as simple as you like.

Our assessments across many industries and competencies come in detailed hour-long versions or short “Hall Talks” that can give you a quick analysis of your current situation in just minutes.

We guide you in the innovation process with your choice of many templates including Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Creative Problem Solving, 6-Thons and Innotivity™, and our Master Facilitators and Ideapreneurs will support you in the methodology that you prefer, rather than imposing their specialty on you.

Innovation Minds adapts to meet your needs, we don’t ask you to adapt to us.

integrated apps


Our INNOVATION SUCCESS SOLUTION™ allows innovators to actively engage in the ideation, refinement, selection process and implementation of winning ideas through any desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

You already have many systems in place that are working well. The Innovation Minds platform integrates with your existing technology, whatever communications or collaboration software you are already using. We expand and improve your ecosystem without making things more complicated.

We don’t expect you to adapt to us. We expect us to adapt to you.



Collaborative Assessments

30+ innovation assessments provide you a strategic blueprint of your highlights & lowlights to align your stakeholders on key strategic challenges and innovation focus.  

6-THONs© Events Framework

Jumpstart employee engagement and guide the process from idea creation to prototyping and successful completion of winning solutions. 

Innovation Advisory Services

Design/redesign your Innovation program using our network of master facilitators and/or ideapreneurs who help you drive your innovation to success.

Predict Your Employees' Performance

Using AI/Machine Learning, the portal generates Innovator Profiles to help develop your organization’s innovation muscle and increase collaboration and performance.

Innovator’s Blog

Keep informed with the latest on innovative process, tools, and techniques. 

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Your Happy Hybrid Workplace Roadmap for Breakthrough Post-Pandemic Success

The world of work has changed.

This statement is not a new one – but this time the change is radical and irrevocable, not just another hot fad. In response to the pandemic, the long-awaited shift to remote work has become a reality for a majority of companies. To be more precise, the new reality lies in hybrid work – the combination of remote and office-based situations.

Today, flexibility and adaptability are the keywords not only for the content of work but for the very basis of the setup of the employer-employee relationship itself.

The important questions to be asking yourself right now are – how do you:

1. Assess and align your teams to optimize program outcomes?
2. Identify new opportunities aligned to organizational goals?
3. Build, vet, and invest in proposals quickly to capitalize on opportunities as fast as possible?
4. Maintain an agile, high-performing talent ecosystem to sustain ongoing disruption?

These are volatile and uncertain times with complex challenges, and we are here to help you address them head on.

We would love to hear what needs and ideas are top of mind in your organization.

What methods do you use already?

What improvements or breakthroughs are you looking for?

Write us with the most compelling answer and win an Amazon gift card!

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Innovation At The Edge

Return to office should be seamless to uphold the motivation and to endure the productivity boost from the recent WFH setup
Most recent hires don’t feel they belong to the culture and not yet effectively assimilated
Innovation is needed more than ever
Organizations scrambled to respond to WFH. New workflows must be implemented to maintain and support workers’ increased responsibility and authority.

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For any enterprise to be innovative at their business, their internal enterprise tools should be innovative too.

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For any enterprise to be innovative at their business, their internal enterprise tools should be innovative too.


“I cannot say enough about how much fun it was to have Innovation Minds at Fannie Mae CIO conference — and it is not easy to keep approximately 75 mortgage industry CIOs/CTOs thoroughly engaged!”

Kristen Hoffman

Innovation Program Manager, Fannie Mae

“Innovation Portal just for the Davis, planning and executing Ideathon, Sharkatahon & Makeathon events, and utilizing your network to find sponsors! Thank you to make our inaugural Creator Challenge Series a success.”

Liz Tang

Eng. Student Startup Center, Director

“I continue to get requests – even today – from organizations across Comcast that want Ideathon and other thons brought to their organizations. Many thanks for a great collaborative experience – very kick ass!”


Innovation Program Leader, Comcast

“6-Thons and Innovation Portal are big hits in our Behavioral Healthcare community in North Carolina. Definitely stimulated a flow of ideas not within our company but also from all of our partners.”

Kevin Enis


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