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Virtual Townsquare

Welcome to your essential engagement hub, where every day begins and ends with purpose. Consider this your corporate homepage – a five-minute investment to align, achieve and advance your daily objectives.


My Top Actions

Start your day with a clear focus on your priorities. The “My Top Actions” feature highlights the most important tasks and actions you need to take. This personalized list helps you stay organized and ensures that you’re always working on what matters most.


Stay up-to-date with the latest company news and updates through the Announcements section. Whether it’s important corporate communications, policy changes, or event reminders, you’ll always be in the loop. This feature ensures that you’re informed about everything happening within the organization.

Custom Banners

Enhance your engagement with visually appealing custom banners. These banners can be tailored to highlight key messages, upcoming events, or important initiatives. The visual impact of custom banners helps capture attention and communicate essential information effectively.

Spotlights & Movers and Shakers

Celebrate achievements and recognize outstanding contributions with the “Spotlights & Movers and Shakers” section. This feature showcases employees who are making significant impacts, promoting a culture of recognition and appreciation. By highlighting top performers and their accomplishments, you foster a positive and motivating work environment.

Align, Achieve, Advance

Elevate your daily engagement experience with the Virtual Townsquare, a dynamic platform designed to streamline your focus, boost morale, and foster a supportive work culture. From personalized features like “My Top Actions” to visually appealing custom banners, this centralized hub is your key to aligning, achieving, and advancing with purpose and clarity. Join the Virtual Townsquare community today and revolutionize the way you approach your daily objectives.