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Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a powerful tool for understanding and improving employee satisfaction. But at its core, eNPS is about much more than measurement—it’s about driving continuous improvement. Whether you aim to attract top talent, reduce turnover, or boost employee morale, eNPS equips you with the insights and resources needed to succeed.

Direct eNPS Surveys

Our direct eNPS surveys are designed to capture real-time feedback from your employees. These surveys ask straightforward questions that measure how likely your employees are to recommend your organization as a great place to work. The simplicity and directness of these surveys ensure high response rates and actionable insights.

Derived Insights from Annual Surveys

In addition to direct eNPS surveys, we gather and analyze data from comprehensive annual surveys. These surveys delve deeper into various aspects of the employee experience, providing a rich source of derived insights. By correlating this data with eNPS scores, you can identify key drivers of employee satisfaction and areas for improvement.

Universal Engagement Score

To provide a holistic view of employee engagement, we introduce the Universal Engagement Score. This score combines the results of eNPS surveys with insights from other engagement metrics, offering a comprehensive overview of your organization’s health. The Universal Engagement Score helps you understand overall trends and track the impact of your initiatives over time.

Elevate Your Workplace with eNPS

Take your employee engagement to the next level with our innovative eNPS solution. By harnessing the power of actionable insights, a comprehensive view of employee engagement, and strategic impact, you can transform your organization into a thriving hub of talent, retention, and morale. Let’s elevate your workplace together and pave the way for greater success.