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Platform Administration

Innovation Minds offers a comprehensive suite of configuration admin features designed to streamline and enhance the user experience. Administrators can configure badges, set up login widgets, and manage currency mapping to ensure smooth integration with various financial systems. The platform also provides robust mail settings for effective communication and reward configuration options to tailor the incentive program. Swag configuration allows admins to manage branded merchandise, while user upload via CSV files simplifies bulk user additions. User management features, including GDPR compliance, ensure privacy and data protection. Additionally, admins can customize user profile widgets and configure incentives to align with organizational goals. These features collectively empower administrators to create a seamless, engaging, and compliant platform for all users.


Standard Control Panels

Badges Configuration for What Ranges Define What Badge to be Unlocked
In Innovation Minds, badges play a crucial role in recognizing and rewarding user achievements. Administrators can configure the ranges that define which badges are unlocked based on specific user actions or milestones. This configuration allows for a personalized and motivating user experience. Settings for badge ranges can be adjusted globally at the platform level or customized locally for individual programs to meet specific objectives and encourage desired behaviors.

Configure Login Widgets to Enable or Disable oAuth Methods
Login widgets in Innovation Minds can be customized to control the authentication methods available to users. Administrators have the option to enable or disable various oAuth methods, such as Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. This ensures that the login experience is secure, streamlined, and aligned with the organization’s preferences. These settings can be defined globally or tailored for specific programs to accommodate different user bases.

Mail Settings for Who the System Emails are Sent From
Administrators can configure the email settings to define the sender information for system-generated emails. This includes specifying the email address and name that appears in the “From” field. Proper configuration ensures that recipients recognize and trust emails from the system, enhancing communication and engagement. These settings can be standardized across the platform or adjusted for individual programs to reflect different organizational units or initiatives.

Rewards Configuration
The rewards configuration module allows administrators to set up and manage the rewards that users can earn. This includes defining the types of rewards, their values, and the criteria for earning them. The flexibility of the platform enables the customization of rewards to align with the goals of different programs, motivating users through tangible incentives.

Swag Configuration
Swag configuration enables the setup of branded merchandise and other physical rewards that users can earn or redeem. Administrators can manage the inventory, define eligibility criteria, and automate the distribution process. This feature can be tailored at the platform level or customized for specific programs to reflect unique branding and reward strategies.

Incentives Configuration
Incentives configuration is designed to define and manage various incentive schemes within the platform. Administrators can create incentive programs that align with organizational goals, such as performance bonuses, referral bonuses, or participation incentives. These configurations can be set universally or adapted locally to cater to the specific needs of different programs or departments.

User Profile Widgets to Define the Characteristics of Personality Insights Models
User profile widgets are essential for capturing and displaying user characteristics and personality insights. Administrators can configure these widgets to collect relevant data, providing a comprehensive view of user profiles. This configuration supports the integration of personality insights models, enhancing the personalization and relevance of user interactions. These settings can be defined broadly or customized per program to suit various analytical needs.

FAQs Management
The FAQs management feature allows administrators to create, organize, and maintain a repository of frequently asked questions. This ensures that users have easy access to essential information and support. Administrators can manage FAQs globally or customize them for specific programs, addressing unique user queries and improving overall user experience.

Project Templates
Project templates facilitate the standardized setup of new projects within the platform. Administrators can create and manage templates that include predefined settings, structures, and resources. These templates streamline the project creation process, ensuring consistency and efficiency. They can be defined at the platform level or customized locally to meet the specific needs and goals of different programs.

Each of these configurations offers flexibility, enabling administrators to tailor the platform to their organization’s requirements while maintaining a cohesive and efficient user experience across different programs.


Points to Local Currency Mapping

We offer the option to convert points to local currencies using Tango card exchange rates for USD across all supported countries and currencies. If you need assistance, the Innovation Minds team is here to help. Our user-friendly mapping program displays up-to-date conversion rates from USD for easy setup of non-USD currencies.

Innovation Minds’ Points-to-Currency Conversion feature allows employees to easily convert their earned points into monetary rewards or other valuable incentives. This straightforward process enhances the value of rewards, making recognition more meaningful and motivating. Employees also gain the flexibility to choose rewards that are most meaningful to them, personalizing their recognition experience.


Exchange Rates & PPP for Non-US Countries

Innovation Minds manages an exchange rate table, refreshed weekly, to reconcile spending from various supported countries and currencies to USD. Additionally, our point system takes Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) into account.

Reward Program Account Setup

When it comes to budgeting and accounting, choosing how to establish award accounts is a crucial decision point. You have two options: either use a centralized account to fund all awards for various programs or set up a designated reward account for each program aligned with your cost center structure.

It is critical to decide on an accounting strategy before the program is opened. Either you may give exemption for reward payouts from tax reporting perspectives, or you may decide to report on every pay cycle vs. yearend W-2 reporting at once. If necessary, Team Innovation Minds can assist with payroll integration.

We offer flexible pricing structures to cater to the specific needs of our clients. Here are two common models:

Upfront Payment: Most companies may choose to prepay for a certain number of rewards or a specific budget for their employee recognition program. In this model, clients pay for a predetermined set of rewards or points upfront, and then these rewards can be distributed to employees for redemption.

Pay-As-You-Go: In some cases, Innovation Minds may offer a pay-as-you-go model, where clients are charged for the rewards after they have been redeemed by employees. In this model, clients pay for the actual cost of the rewards as they are used. This approach can provide more flexibility in terms of budgeting and cost management. However, this approach involves additional fees and charges.