Once the right challenges are identified, we help you host a series of live/remote events to generate ideas and bring them into reality. We call this the 6-THONs innovation framework. We provide master facilitators to organize and host each event. If you prefer to organize and facilitate events internally, we provide the proprietary templates and tools for you to use this framework successfully.


Event Management

  • Fully coordinated and staffed Local/Global Events
  • These six live events jumpstart employee engagement and guide the process from idea creation to prototyping and successful completion of winning solution.
  • Expert Facilitators and volunteers to maximize innovation participation
  • When teams can’t meet in person, they meet in Innovation Minds. 
  • Our collaborative whiteboard is the definitive tool for Innovation/Agile teams to replicate face-to-face collaboration, put ideas into action, and visualize projects, and dependencies all in one platform. 

Event Management Portal

  • All the tools and consulting you need to run engaging and inspiring events to motivate staff and reduce administrative work
  • Integrated RSVP, Calendar Invites, Waitlist, and Check-in
  • Robust Administration Tool, Roster Reports, and Event Analytics
  • Integrated with users’ Engagement scores to promote friendly competition, aka ‘Gamification’  
  • Think of it like your own ‘EventBrite’ or ‘Meetup’ 

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Our holistic innovation management solution seamlessly joins the online and real world. We provide an intuitive crowdsourcing platform and live events to engage employees, partners, and customers.

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