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See how leading technology enterprises used our INNOVATION SUCCESS SOLUTION™ to tap the collective intelligence of their employees, customers, partners and vendors to access INNOVATION AT THE EDGE.

We believe that human connection is the heart of innovation. Great innovation happens when people have the right mindset, tools and processes to collaborate effectively.

With that in mind, Innovation Minds equips our enterprise and academic clients with the most cutting-edge crowdsourcing/AI innovation management platform and our offering of virtual or in-person events to move good ideas through the process that delivers them as game-changing solutions.

Please check out some of our case studies to learn more about how we helped our clients in a variety of industries and situations across a wide range of objectives. You will learn about the actions we helped them take and the results we have created together.

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Technology Company (Employees 15k)

CHALLENGE: A technology company had missed the transformation wave and recently gone through a major reorganization. The company wanted to implement programs that could help it catch up with its competitors by bringing back employee engagement and motivation.

Objectives Actions Results
To reinstill trust and cheer up the community to embrace changes. We put in place measures to bring enthusiasm to the workforce to align them towards achieving the company’s goals. After six months, eNPS rose from 41% to 89% . More than 72% of employees became excited and were freely engaging with the program.

CHALLENGE: The company was going through hard economic times. It needed to consolidate operations and merge functions, which could lead to losses of jobs and layoffs. 


Objectives Actions Results

To reset engagements and coach the staff to become agile and innovative.

To institute changes and implement innovation programs in line with the company’s objectives.


The workforce generated eighteen ideas that they graduated to approved projects.

CHALLENGE: Morale was low, employees were disengaged, and missed targets were the order of the day. Worse, morality was declining steadily, resulting in many missed deliveries.

Objectives Actions Results
To develop a new roadmap and align new objectives to the firm’s strategy.

We tailored our INNOVATION SUCCESS SOLUTION™ to the company’s brands, including implementing Innovation Mind’s 6-Thon framework.

The company created nine new AR-assisted data centers, onboarded indoor GPS, and began offering parking finders as well as electric car charging stations.


18 Ideas - 2 Million Savings in 1st Yr

Employee eNPS - 41 to 89

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