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See how leading enterprises use Innovation Minds to tap the collective intelligence of their employees, customers, partners, and vendors.

We believe that human connection is the heart of innovation. Great innovation happens when people have the right mindset, tools, and process to collaborate effectively. With that in mind, Innovationminds equips enterprise/academic clients with the best crowdsourcing/AI innovation platform and in-person events to move ideas into game-changing solutions. You can check out some of the case studies to learn more about how we helped our clients in various situations, their objectives, actions we helped them take, and the results we have demonstrated together. Reference calls will be made available if you are interested to discuss and learn from these transformation journeys.


Technology Company (Employees 15k)

Situation 1 

A technology company that had missed the transformation wave and recently gone through a major reorganization wanted to implement programs that could help it catch up with its competitors by bringing back employee engagement and motivation. We discussed the issue and came up with several strategies that could move it to the next level.

Objective Action Results
  • Instill trust in the local community
  • Cheer the community up to embrace the changes
To spike up the workforce, rejuvenate and make them work towards achieving the company’s goal. After 6 months, the fruits of our labor were visible. eNPS rose from 41 to 89 . Also, more than 72% of the employees were excited and freely engaged with the program.

Situation 2

The company was going through hard economic times and so they needed to consolidate their operations and merge up some of their functions. This could lead to loss of jobs and layoffs. 


Objective Action Results
  • To reset engagements
  • To coach the staff so that they become agile and innovative

To institute changes and implement innovation programs in line with the company’s objectives.


18 ideas were generated and graduated to approved projects.

Situation 3

The morale was low, employees were less engaged and missed targets were the order of the day. Also, morality was declining steadily resulting in many missed deliveries.

Objective Action Results
To develop a new roadmap that would align new objectives to the firm’s strategy.
  • To tailor the IM platform and tailor it to the company’s XYZ brands.
  • Assist and help the program team to come up and implementing the IM’s 6 thon framework. 

Led to 9 AR assisted data center, use of indoor GPS, use of parking finders as well as electric car charging reservations.


18 Ideas - 2 Million Savings in 1st Yr

Employee eNPS - 41 to 89

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