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The supply chain is a complex, multi-faceted process encompassing everything from warehouse fulfillment to logistics. With many companies continuing to work towards supply chain optimization, the industry is ripe for innovation. As new technologies emerge that hold promise for streamlining fulfillment processes to speeding logistics, the traditional supply chain is rapidly transforming into a more advanced, more functional process driven by digital technology, artificial intelligence and other innovations. Here’s a look at our multi-part assessment that helps you to understand where you are now and where do you want to go.


How we assess Supply Chain Innovation




How do we calculate our assessment scores?


The assessment is pretty quick. Any stakeholder can complete it in about 15-30 minutes. It results in a visual representation showing how your Innovation Program sits in comparison to Supply Chain industry benchmarks. When multiple individuals in your organization complete the assessment, it calibrates a mutual understanding among their Innovation Program departments as well as other internal stakeholders. Our Maturity Scale (1 to 10) is explained below.

    1. Just realized – Process not in place, however, there is a realization of the need.
    2. Initial (chaotic, ad hoc, individual heroics) – The starting point for use of a new or undocumented repeat process.
    3. Repeatable – The process is at least documented sufficiently such that repeating the same steps may be attempted.
    4. Defined – The process is defined/confirmed as a standard business process.
    5. Capable – The process is quantitatively managed in accordance with agreed-upon metrics.
    6. Efficient – Process management includes deliberate process optimization/improvement.
    7. Innovator – Started challenging status-quo and incremental innovation started at the edges.
    8. Disruptor – The tangible impact of the innovation has been proven, started institutionalizing sustainability.
    9. Market leader – You are nailing it.
    10. World-class – The true north of all.

And the final Report is:


** Blue bar represents Innovation Minds benchmark baselined from 25+ companies we worked with, and the black line represents where you may stand.


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