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We believe that human connection is the heart of innovation. Great innovation happens when people have the right mindset, tools, and process to collaborate effectively. With that in mind, Innovationminds equips enterprise/academic clients with the best crowdsourcing/AI innovation platform and in-person events to move ideas into game-changing solutions. You can check out some of the case studies to learn more about how we helped our clients in various situations, their objectives, actions we helped them take, and the results we have demonstrated together. Reference calls will be made available if you are interested to discuss and learn from these transformation journeys.



Employee NPS - From 66 to 88

Employee Enagagement - 44% in 3 mos

Graduated Ideas - 22

Social Media Organization (Employees 10k)


Innovation minds had an opportunity to work with a social media organization with an agile and younger labor force.  It had a competent staff but was lacking the much-needed technology, business model and the right framework to spur it up.  The organization sought our intuitive and innovative ideas to help provide a solution to its problems.  Here is a detailed explanation of what took place.

Situation 1

Being a social media company, the employees were young and hungry for exciting engagements. They wanted tasks that could keep them on toes, keep them thinking, and help them become creative.  Clearly, this was not the type of people you would force to undertake mundane repetitive tasks.  They wanted tasks that could motivate them.

Objective Action Results
Introduce a disruptive and open innovation model – the model would allow the employees to be on the lookout for the ever-changing needs of the organization’s audience. It would help them generate ideas that will help meet their needs. We recommended that they get organized into groups that could brainstorm on the issue and generate fresh ideas. This way it would be possible to tap on their collective intelligence. The employee’s net promoter score (eNPS) leaped from 66 to 88

Situation 2

The organization had world-class employees, state of art processes and good products. Unfortunately, it lacked the technology that could propel it to a growth trajectory. 


Objective Action Results
To keep the employees posted on the latest technologies in the social media sectors and the resultant opportunities.

After a round of discussions, innovation mind experts recommended/implemented that the organization should set up innovative physical spaces and programs to help nature innovation consistently.


About 44% of the organization’s employee engaged with the program either directly or indirectly.

22 ideas graduated to approved projects

Situation 3

Siloed organization/ roadmaps – to help employees work as a team

Objective Action Results
To inspire the employees, so that they freely share information, processes and focus on the common goals.  It would make them agile and promote collaboration.

To purposely build innovation MVPs that leverage technologies such as AI, IoT, Gestures, VR, and AR.

Consult and assist program teams to come up with IM’s 6 thorn framework that would help them generate ideas. 

It natured and promoted networkingEnhanced futuristic learning

Created a pool of talent

Resulted in rewards an swipe in


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