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See how leading social media enterprises used our INNOVATION SUCCESS SOLUTION™ to tap the collective intelligence of their employees, customers, partners and vendors to access INNOVATION AT THE EDGE.

We believe that human connection is the heart of innovation. Great innovation happens when people have the right mindset, tools and processes to collaborate effectively.

With that in mind, Innovation Minds equips our enterprise and academic clients with the most cutting-edge crowdsourcing/AI innovation management platform and our offering of virtual or in-person events to move good ideas through the process that delivers them as game-changing solutions.

Please check out some of our case studies to learn more about how we helped our clients in a variety of industries and situations across a wide range of objectives. You will learn about the actions we helped them take and the results we have created together.

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Employee NPS - From 66 to 88

Employee Enagagement - 44% in 3 mos

Graduated Ideas - 22

Social Media Organization (Employees 10k)


Innovation minds had an opportunity to work with a social media organization with an agile and younger labor force. The company had a competent staff but lacked the right technology, business model and framework to support the workforce effectively.

CHALLENGE: The employees were young and hungry for exciting engagements. They wanted tasks that could keep them on their toes, thinking and creative.  They did not want to be forced to undertake mundane, repetitive tasks.  They wanted tasks that could motivate them.

Objectives Actions Results
To introduce a disruptive open innovation model that allowed the employees to be on top of the ever-changing needs of the organization’s audience. We helped organize them into groups to brainstorm issues related to their audience, tap into their collective intelligence and generate fresh ideas. The employees’ net promoter score (eNPS) leaped from 66% to 88%.

CHALLENGE: The organization had world-class employees, state-of-the-art processes and good products, but it lacked the technology to back these up and propel it to a growth trajectory. 


Objectives Actions Results
To keep the employees abreast of the latest technologies in the social media sector and the resultant opportunities.

Innovation Minds experts helped the organization set up innovative physical spaces and programs to nurture innovation ongoingly as a regular part of the working day.


44% of the organization’s employees engaged with the program, and twenty-two ideas graduated to approved projects.

CHALLENGE: Siloed organization/ roadmaps – to help employees work as a team

Objectives Actions Results
To inspire the employees, so that they freely share information and processes and focussed on their common goals, to make them agile and promote collaboration.

We built unique innovation MVPs leveraging technologies such as AI, IoT, Gestures, VR, and AR.

We consulted and assisted program teams to use Innovation Minds’ 6-Thon framework to  generate and vet their ideas. 

Internal and external networking increased substantially, enhancing futuristic learning, creating a pool of educated talent, and resulting in rewards and swipe-in.


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