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Healthcare Facility Case Study


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Employee NPS - From 21 to 80

Employee Engagement - 97% in 1 year

Graduated Ideas - 22 & Go Live - 6

Heathcare Facility Organization (Employees 10k)


The hospital in focus is a large medical facility serving a diverse patient population. Despite its reputable services, the hospital faced challenges related to employee engagement, including low morale, communication gaps, and limited opportunities for staff involvement in decision-making processes. Recognizing the need for change, the hospital leadership sought the assistance of Innovation Minds.

CHALLENGE: Employees in the healthcare facility often work tirelessly to provide quality care, yet their contributions can go unnoticed or unacknowledged. The absence of a formal recognition and reward system had led to decreased motivation and engagement.

Objectives Actions Results
To enhance motivation and show appreciation for healthcare staff, the healthcare facility aims to implement a rewards and recognition program that incorporates elements of gamification Innovation Minds introduced a recognition and reward platform. Contributions, milestones, outstanding ideas, and innovative efforts were acknowledged publicly in a virtual environment, and employees were given incentives, such as monetary rewards or company swag.

Within a span of four months, the eNPS experienced a remarkable increase, surging from 21% to an impressive 80%.

Additionally, over 72% of employees displayed excitement and actively participated in the program, freely engaging with its various components.

CHALLENGE: The healthcare staff did not have avenues to provide feedback or participate in the decision-making process, this led to a perception of being undervalued and disconnectedness from the organization’s goals, resulting in reduced engagement. 

Objectives Actions Results
To develop employee feedback opportunities, enabling dedicated listening moments for employees to express their needs, challenges, and opinions.

Innovation Minds introduced a survey management solution which incorporated organic engagement features that provided employees with valuable opportunities to share their feedback, suggestions, and thoughts about their overall experience within the organization.


Within a span of four surveys, the participation reached 100% and response rate peaked to 97%.

Overall survey score increased to 79% from the baseline of 19%.

Sentiment score reached to 72% (prior baseline was not available to compare with).

CHALLENGE: The healthcare facility has hierarchical structures that limit employees’ involvement in decision-making processes. This led to employees feeling their voices are not heard or their ideas are not valued.

Objectives Actions Results
To cultivate a culture of idea sharing, collaboration, and open communication within the organization. Innovation Minds introduced a platform to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among employees. This platform served as a central hub for ideation, project management, and communication. Six ideas were graduated and implemented over the course of the first year: Surgeon Companion, Drop the Mic, Goals Assistant, Badging Ninjas, Culture Champions and Interactive Surveys


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