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Best eCommerce Case Study with Solution


See how leading eCommerce enterprises used our INNOVATION SUCCESS SOLUTION™ to tap the collective intelligence of their employees, customers, partners and vendors to access INNOVATION AT THE EDGE.


We believe that human connection is the heart of innovation. Great innovation happens when people have the right mindset, tools and processes to collaborate effectively.

With that in mind, Innovation Minds equips our enterprise and academic clients with the most cutting-edge crowdsourcing/AI innovation management platform and our offering of virtual or in-person events to move good ideas through the process that delivers them as game-changing solutions.

Please check out some of our case studies to learn more about how we helped our clients in a variety of industries and situations across a wide range of objectives. You will learn about the actions we helped them take and the results we have created together.

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eCommerce (Employees 15k)

CHALLENGE: An eCommerce company had gone through a re-organization recently. Fierce competition from disruptors posed an imminent threat to their revenue and baseline. They asked Innovation Minds to shake things up by helping lay the foundation for employees to pursue innovative ideas and opportunities.

Objectives Actions Results
To invest in talent and capacity building and make innovation part of the company’s DNA. To motivate the employees and enable them to think out of the box We came up with a pilot innovative program that focused mainly on G&A functions. After a period of 6 months, eNPS jumped from 18-63 and 6 new MVPs were rolled out which then became the mainstream products.

CHALLENGE: The company’s employees did not care much about creativity and innovation. They preferred to continue going about their business using the runbook. 

Objectives Actions Results
To help the team identify emerging opportunities that could improve product innovation.

We expanded the company’s innovation program to include the entire organization, delivering true Innovation at the Edge.


Employees became inspired, and 79% of the employees engaged in the innovation programs.

CHALLENGE: Important projects were slipping and urgent intervention was required.

Objectives Actions Results
To offer strategies that determined clearly which projects should be aligned and implemented. We implemented a platform tailored and branded for the client using Strategic Insights using our 360° Assessment.  Seven ideas were graduated and implemented over the course of the first year: Virtual Ticketing, Site in a Box, Giving Works, Concierge, The Valet, Spot Bonuses via a proprietary payment system, and Order Ahead.



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7 Ideas - 9 Million Revenue in 2nd Yr

Employee eNPS - 79

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