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The first step for your roadmap planning and innovation journey is self-awareness about your own needs vs. gaps and your strengths vs. opportunities and how you stack up against your industry peers. Unfortunately, this discovery process itself is a project involving strategic vendor consulting, 3-6 months of effort, and a big fat check. What if we give you a simple tool that helps you do the analysis yourself and receive the assessment report in less than an hour?

Innovation Minds is offering a FREE & VIRTUAL workshop to brainstorm and analyze your organization’s strengths versus opportunities and receive your personalized assessment report in less than an hour.

  • Gives curated reporting of strengths and gaps
  • Compares your results to benchmark data
  • Sets the stage for a well-informed roadmap and/or innovation program

Your workshop will be led by the Innovation Minds team of Design Thinking experts, which includes alumni from eBay, PayPal, LinkedIn, and Facebook and creators of the 6-THON Framework© (Ideathon, Dateathon, Designathon, Makeathon, Sharkathon, Rewardathon). We make it easy and come to your office or off-site location or hosted online.


When: Pick your day from now through December 31, 2023

Where: Innovation Minds Silicon Valley Lab, Conference room at your campus or an offsite or fully virtual

Who Can Participate: Our event is relevant and exciting for all staff, and ideal for Leadership Teams invested in portfolio management, accelerating innovation, or talent transformation in their organization.

Minimum number of participants: From 5 up to 20

Program Fee: No worries, it’s on the house!

Assessments We Support

We also support custom assessments specific to clients’ needs.

How the Workshop Works?!

Identify your assessment topicWe provide 30+ assessments covering various industries, corporate functions, and practice areas. Pick your choice.
Invite the right stakeholdersPick a day and an hour convenient for your attendees, and send the web meeting invite.
Event day - Kick off the assessmentEither you or one of our Ideapreneur will facilitate this managed workshop. This is a unique experience where the facilitator has total control of participants' navigation and UX as they progress through the assessment.
AssessmentThe facilitator will guide the assessment of your topic's function and sub-functions one at a time in a methodical and exciting manner. It's online, so bring your laptop/tablet.
Share the resultsCloser to the end of the session, the facilitator will share the aggregated results for the topics' strengths and gaps. You can also view and download your own report as a souvenir.
Take it forwardNow that you have credible insights on where you are and what are your opportunities, prepare the roadmap plan to make a compelling case for turning your top opportunities into project proposals.

Check out a sample to visualize how your own report will look like!

hr assessment

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We’ll work with you to co-create this special 2022 Innovation experience, which supports 2022 planning, professional development, or even perhaps an engaging activity for your next All-Hands. Let us know your details, one of our Ideapreneurs will connect with you soon!