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Posted By: Bala

To Gadget Lovers:

Not sure how many of you attended CES 2015 or enjoyed a glimpse of it, so I have complied the video highlights for your viewing pleasure.

Internet of Everything, Immersive Entertainment and 3D Printing are the dominant trends this year, but other domains had their fair share as well.

Pick your interest to watch. And a happy Friday to you all…

Unmanned Systems:

Many new brands were seen in the drones section this year; each with its unique features, however the common theme was the addition of follow-me intelligence. It was fascinating to see the drones follow you around, though a little scary. Also the drones seem to have received few upgrades to be security aware and be sensitive not to go near the White House or the First Family. Check it out for more details.

Fitness & Sports:

Innovation enthusiasts moved past the wristbands; trend is more towards surroundings’ aware devices for humidity, air quality, temperature, etc. Body fitness is still a focus, but extended beyond steps-per-day & sleep-history to start giving you insights on heart beats, muscles, sitting posture, etc. Even they showed a device that tells your alcohol level, a courtesy of your last night hangover. But one thing became evident was that most vendors are waiting to know more about iWatch to decide their own course. Check it out for more details.

3D Printing:

We have witnessed a huge drive from 3D Printing vendors to take this technology to consumer mainstream instead just being a lab-rat. The obvious focus was to bring down the price point, so most household would buy a 3D Printer for their school/college going kids to unleash their creativity/design skills. Fuel3D/MOD-T generated quite a bit interest; also 3Doodler caught a good attention. Check it out for more details.

Sensor Based: I liked that Zuta Labs tiny printer, especially when it was in action. Other eye candies were Upright, a sitting poster monitor and EyeTribe a sensor that operates an iPad based on your eye focus. Check it out for more details.

Smart Home: The focus for Internet of Things and Smart Devices keeps growing to other areas such as Home Security, Connected Appliances, Home Garden Irrigation, Automated Home Lighting, etc. Check it out for more details.

Automotive: Connected car, automated parking/driving are the trend. Check it out.

Immersive Entertainment:

Oculus could have started this game, but CES is now overwhelmed with many vendors flocking to this floor. Most of the technologies presented were awesome, though there is not much clarity when/how these will go to mainstream, especially the ballgame for making the consumers to adopt. Check it out for more details.

Least but not least: If anyone of you would like a consolidated list for the best of CES 2015, here you go.


You couldn’t walk for long on the CES floor without running into a smartwatch, a fitness wearable, or a fridge with an internet connection. I had many conversations with representatives from startups trying to make connected furniture, cars, toothbrushes, and light bulbs. Kudos to the success of companies like Nest, everyday items is becoming part of the long-discussed Internet of Things. In a few years, nearly everything will be connected; at least that is the idea.

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