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Hello, and welcome to the Innovation Minds spotlight series. Each month, we’re talking with top leaders and innovation experts about their ideas, strategies, tools, and experience to help the world continue to innovate and thrive. I’m really happy to have two of the leaders of the industry and good friends of mine joining us today.

Ashish Kumar Singh, Managing Partner in Capstone Legal. Ashish heads the Early Case assessment & Internal Investigations practice at Capstone and has appeared in more than 500 cases before various constitutional and trial courts in India. He is considered to be an avid innovator and an expert in legal document review. Recently, he was awarded the prestigious KNH Trust Pegasus Scholarship.

Amit Popat is our next guest. Amit is the practice head for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at Capstone Legal. An innovative and bold leader with significant international, multi-sector experience of delivering Diversity & Inclusion transformation. Acting as an ambassador for cultural change, always approaching sensitive cultural issues with tact and diplomacy.

Without further ado, let us dive in.

Please enjoy the audio (run time 40 mins).

Please enjoy the video (run time 40 mins).

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