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Employee Engagement

The traditional approach to engagement is that it is a measure. The new approach in the hybrid workplace is that engagement is a goal and core activity. The old way of driving engagement was top-down. Engagement today needs to be parallel and bottom-up.

Make engagement a key OKR. Ask employees to spend time every day actively engaging with one another. Whether they think they need to or not. Soon, they will enjoy and look forward to it. Even if they used to be a bit of a curmudgeon.

Make daily ENGAGEMENT your goal and as natural as breathing.

Innovation Management

Our Enterprise Innovation Management solution actuates INNOVATION ON THE EDGE.

The platform extracts ideas from across your organization’s entire ecosystem, centralizes them for evaluation and development, and transforms them into value that serves your customers.

Whether your goal is new products and services, incremental improvements to existing offerings, improved internal processes, or an enhanced customer experience, Innovation Minds provides visibility and management across the entire ideation process.

From original concept to final implementation, IM records, cultivates, prioritizes, tracks, selects and delivers ideas and measures the results.

Collaborative Project Management

Our methodology is team-centric, using a  problem-solving and project-delivery methodology that is the opposite of traditional top-down management.

Being more collaborative is a major key to both creativity and business success.

Our innovative project management allows you to plan, control, coordinate and monitor distributed and complex teamwork within your team.

Administrators can promote and manage winning ideas to active projects within the platform. Innovators get the continuum of working on ideas, building the products and taking them to market – all in one place.

Innovation Minds also integrates user conversations, contextual history, engagement scores and reporting without the need for separate project management tools.

Product Management

People engage when they experience success. When they feel trust. When they are connected to the company’s goals and values.

Start to manage products the way you would manage an innovation challenge. Share every step and be open to input from anyone at any moment. Don’t wait for long-term results.

See how you can measure incremental progress to encourage your talent to see their progress every day.

Give them ways to share this progress with everybody. And be ready for successful ideas to bubble up much faster than before.

Strategic Planning

Innovation begins with knowing where you are first. A clear and unbiased assessment of your own organization’s strengths and areas for growth will help you chart your forward path.

You don’t need expensive consultants to help you find yourself. You just need your people and these tools from Innovation Minds.

Your team can do its own collaborative assessment in less than an hour and get complex results immediately.

Try our Hall Talks for feedback in only ten minutes.

Event Management

Innovation Minds provides all the tools you need to run engaging and inspiring events that will motivate staff and reduce administrative work. This includes consulting and collaboration by our own team of expert facilitators wherever you need it.

Our fully coordinated and staffed Local and Global Events are integrated with RSVP, Calendar Invites, Waitlist, and Check-in.

We provide a robust administration tool including roster reports and event analytics.

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