Innovation Management

Enterprise Innovation Management solution extracts ideas from across your organization’s entire ecosystem, centralizes them for evaluation and development, and transforms them into the value that serves your customers.

  • Whether your goal is new products and services, incremental improvements to existing offerings, improved internal processes, or an enhanced customer experience, IM provides visibility and management across the entire ideation process.
  • From the original concept to the final implementation, IM records, cultivates, prioritizes, tracks, selects, and delivers ideas, and measures the results.
  • This single platform was designed to nurture innovation and help you identify the most valuable ideas with the greatest potential impact.

Open Innovation

Knowledgeable and creative individuals outside the company can also contribute to achieving strategic goals and that sharing intellectual property both ways are useful for different parties in different ways.

  • Invite partners, suppliers, customers, or influencers along with your employees for co-innovation and cocreation.
  • Checks and controls for proper access/security management and clarity/workflow for IP management.

Collaborative Project Management

An innovative and team-centric problem solving and project delivery methodology that stands in contrast to the traditional top-down individually managed and strictly scoped project management methodology. Being more collaborative is a major key to business success.

  • Innovative project management – Plan, control, coordinate, and monitor distributed and complex teamwork within and by a team.
  • Administrators can now promote and manage any winning ideas to projects within the IM platform. With this, Innovators will have the continuum of working on ideas, then building the products, and taking them to market – all in one place.
  • Not only centralizes Innovation and implementation under one roof, but users’ conversations, contextual history, engagement scores, and reporting are also integrated seamlessly. No need for separate JIRA, Trello, or other project management tools.

Collaborative Whiteboards

Whiteboards enable you to collaborate with remote teammates, you can post stickies, share ideas, brainstorm, and run product sprints. It provides shared, digital whiteboards where teams visually explore complex challenges, facilitate design thinking methods, and organize Agile processes across any device. This is still in beta, as we continue to add new features to enhance visual ideation collaboration capabilities.

  • As Innovators discuss ‘How might we’ questions to solve their organizational/business challenges, while using the engaging social tools experience for collaboration, now they can also use the associated collaborative digital whiteboards for visual brainstorming, market research, and field studies.
  • Digital whiteboards associated with each Idea facilitates and encourages remote ideation.
  • Whiteboards are available at projects as well to support impromptu and well-coordinated remote planning, brainstorming, and execution sessions.

Survey/Feedback Management

Drive your engagement and business forward by using this integrated survey tool to capture the voices and opinions of the people who matter most to you.

  • Create and publish pulse surveys to create invaluable feedback loops.  As feedback and ideas are inherently connected, the key learnings become the seeds that sprout meaningful challenges, ideas, and ultimately products, services, and solutions for your customers and employees.
  • Unlike traditional survey tools, Innovation Minds’ Integration with HR/Employee master data and reporting hierarchy is a huge help for administrators to track and report the results in real-time. Centralized engagement score and gamification will help you reach more adoption too.

Event Management

All the tools and consulting you need to run engaging and inspiring events to motivate staff and reduce administrative work.

  • Fully coordinated and staffed Local/Global Events, integrated with RSVP, Calendar Invites, Waitlist, and Check-in
  • Robust Administration Tool, Roster Reports, and Event Analytics
  • Expert Facilitators to maximize innovation participation

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