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A culture of Engagement and Innovation based on Support, Collaboration, and Independent Thought.
Upward Spirals of Dream, Plan, and Execute.
An Engaged and Satisfied Workforce that Knows they Belong.


Employees say they do not get enough support from their peers.

Quantum Workplace

Form Winning Teams Using Quality Metrics and Real Data

Use our AI/ML analysis of actual platform usage to formulate accurate profiles of every employee.

Create teams that work and find ways for existing teams to work better.

Innovator Profiles© provide constructive feedback and ongoing talent coaching.

Benefit from a Satisfied, Healthy Workforce

An inspired digital home can help create a space and place for new employees with successful onboarding, connecting employees with mentors, employee recognition, and the sharing of best practices for a healthy and productive workplace.

Engagement leads to more productivity, higher retention, less stress, and a lower risk of burnout, plus 41% less absenteeism.

Satisfied employees are healthier physically and mentally even outside work creating a loop of success.


More productivity from happy employees.

The Social Market Foundation


Higher profits by being a leading EX company.


Enjoy the Fruits of a Thriving Organization

More than $500 billion is lost yearly to workplace stress.

70% of customers will spend more money based on excellent customer experience, and engaged organizations see a 20% rise in both sales and profitability.

The Right Stuff: Predictive Team Modeling helps you to form winning teams and nurture a thriving and engaging culture.

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