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A Solution Built For

Empowered Engagement &

Purposeful Innovation.

Today’s workforce is disengaged and disconnected.

Innovation Minds is solving it with a simple but powerful approach. Designed as a cloud platform, our AI solution uses an innovation-based engagement model to boost employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

3-4X within 8 weeks.

Human Connection Is

The Heart Of

Employee Experience.

Hybrid Work is here to stay. Are you able to keep your workforce connected and engaged?

Innovation Minds is your virtual workspace for Hybrid Teams to feel they belong and are valued. Attracting, engaging and retaining your talent, and Innovation as mindset has never been easier.


Give Your Talent

The Best Possible

Employee Experience.

When employees experience success at work, they connect and engage with their work in innovative ways.

Innovation Minds is a collaboration model that harnesses employee commitment to innovation by transforming the way you create products and services.


Get Your Hybrid Workplace

To Up-To-Date

Cultural Models & Practices.

Stop using systems created before the work world changed. Use the latest approaches and newest technologies to triumph over today’s new challenges.

Transform your Culture by giving everyone a clear role in your organization’s success. 

With Innovation Minds, watch your results outpace your wildest expectations.

The Best Places To Work Use Innovation Minds


The tide is turning on the way we work. Our disengaged, disconnected workforce leads to increased turnover, a lack of sense of belonging, lower productivity and higher costs for companies. As leader in innovation based engagement and collaboration, Innovation Minds takes care of this problem with 6 functions.

You can apply Innovation Minds in a wide variety of use cases. Innovation Minds adapts to meet your needs. We don’t ask you to adapt to us.


Connect: Know and connect with the People you work with.

Virtual Watercooler, My Manager & Peers, AI Talent Match, 1:1s integrated w/ Calendars, Spotlights, Event Hub and Online Whiteboards

Recognize: Values-based recognition of your Peers.

Rewards & Recognition, Advanced Gamification, Universal Engagement Score, Top Performers, Movers & Shakers and Wall of Fame

Lead: Every Employee deserves an exceptional Manager.

Know your Employees, Insights & KPIs, Talent Reports, Org Drilldown & Up, Personality & Sentiment AI Insights, Manager Actions and My Learning

Listen: Listen to the voice of your Employees.

Engagement Surveys, Hall Talk Surveys, Collaborative Assessments, Wellness Checks, Daily/Weekly Polls and Challenges & Suggestions Portal


Collaborate: Connect and align your Workforce.

Innovation Sprints, Functional & Industry AI Assessments, Benchmark Reports, Aspirations & The Baseline and New Possibles Roadmap

Innovate: Get the Innovation results and reach goals that matter.

Challenges, Idea Management, Online Whiteboards, AI Insights, Integrated Project Management, Mentors & Sponsors and Movers & Shakers

Engage: Make your Talent feel they are supported, heard & included.

Virtual Watercooler, Engagement surveys, Join a Team, Rewards & Recognition, Advanced Gamification and Universal Engagement Score

Transform: Harness purposeful innovation.

Talent Insights, KPIs & Reports, Personality & Sentiment AI Insights, Wall of Fame, My Learning, Event Hub and Innovation Lab


Collaborate: Engage and align your Workforce.

Innovation Sprints, AI Functional & Industry Assessments, Benchmark Reports, Chat and Collaborative Whiteboards

Define: Activate every Employee with transparent goals and OKRs.

Aspirations & The Baseline, Goals & Project Proposals Portal, New Possibles Roadmap, AI Insights and Integrated Support for Design Thinking

Deliver: Dream big. Get shit done. Have fun.

Kanban/Scrum Boards, List Views, Calendar Views, PMO/PM Dashboards, Workflows, Advanced Gamification, Rewards & Recognition and Time Tracking

Transform: Turn program and People insights into action.

Talent Insights, KPIs & Reports, Personality & Sentiment AI Insights, Engagement surveys, Wall of Fame and My Learning


Strategic Insights: Evaluate your Organizations strengths & opportunities.

Innovation Sprints, AI Functional Assessments, AI Industry Assessments, Benchmark Reports, Aspirations & The Baseline and Ask Tool

Program Analytics: Real time metrics to celebrate wins and fix the gaps.

Program KPIs, Participation Trends, Insights Dashboard, Standard & Custom Reports, and Stage Gate Ratio

Innovation & Engagement Insights: Enhance your Employee Experience.

eNPS, Turnover Rate, Popularity Score, Impact Score, Completeness Score, Sentiment Score, Comparable Ideas & Patents and AI Deduplication & Consolidation

People Insights: Turn People insights into action.

People Analytics, Passion, Personality Traits, Intrinsic Needs, Values, Wellness Insights, People Search, and Skills Search


Our EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE SOLUTION™ is the only holistic AI/ML-driven system that combines the latest in employee engagement with cutting-edge project and innovation management systems.

  • Identify and Align On Opportunities
  • Collaborative Goal Setting
  • Idea Crowdsourcing for Innovation and Projects
  • Collaborative Project Management
  • Hall Talks & Engagement Surveys
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Advanced Gamification
  • Universal Engagement Score
  • AI for a Thriving Culture

Creating an upward spiral of success for your employees, your leaders, and your entire organization.

community in hybrid work



Innovation Minds connects people.

Engagement and Innovation both happen when your people interact.

We get your people talking and working together wherever they are.

Using our Four Step process we call AT THE EDGE.



“I cannot say enough about how much fun it was to have Innovation Minds at Fannie Mae CIO conference — and it is not easy to keep approximately 75 mortgage industry CIOs/CTOs thoroughly engaged!”

Kristen Hoffman

Innovation Program Manager, Fannie Mae

“Innovation & Engagement Portal just for the Davis, facilitating Ideathon, Makeathon & Shark Tank & events, and utilizing your network to find sponsors! Thank you to make our inaugural Creator Challenge Series a success.”

Liz Tang

Eng. Student Startup Center, Director

“I continue to get requests – even today – from organizations across Comcast that want Ideathon and other thons brought to their organizations. Many thanks for a great collaborative experience with the platform and the program – very kick ass!”


Innovation Program Leader, Comcast

“6-THON and Engagement & Innovation Portal are big hits in our Behavioral Healthcare community in North Carolina. Definitely stimulated a flow of ideas not within our company but also from all of our partners.”

Kevin Enis



Tenets of a Perfect Employee Engagement Solution – A Researcher’s Diary

Recently the Team Innovation Minds has embarked on a mission to find out the tenets of a Perfect Employee Engagement Solution that every organization should strive for. Who else would be better than our own clients to listen to and understand What Clients Want? It was a fascinating and eye-opening sprint to not only understand the needs of the customers we serve but also to design the GPS for our 2022 roadmap of our Employee Experience SaaS Platform. It may be greedy to keep these wonderful insights to ourselves, so we are sharing them with all of you here. Are you game?

Six problem-solving mindsets for very uncertain times

Six mutually reinforcing approaches underly their success: (1) being ever-curious about every element of a problem; (2) being imperfectionists, with a high tolerance for ambiguity; (3) having a “dragonfly eye” view of the world, to see through multiple lenses; (4) pursuing occurrent behavior and experimenting relentlessly; (5) tapping into the collective intelligence, acknowledging that the smartest people are not in the room; and (6) practicing “show and tell” because storytelling begets action (exhibit). Let’s dive in.

How to Keep Disengaged Employees Engaged

Employee engagement is a key factor in the success of any company. It is an important concept that can be measured and improved. Employee engagement is the level of motivation, commitment, and enthusiasm that employees have for their work.

Complete Guide to Enterprise Project Management

Project management is a system of managing a project from start to finish. It is an organized, systematic, and time-scheduled process that leads to the successful completion of a project.

The growing traction of skills-based organizations!

Skills-based organizations have a more agile and employee-centric approach to work where employees are valued for their skills rather than their job title, level, or educational qualifications. It is a new operating model of work where employees are matched to tasks and projects based on skills, capabilities, and interests. Focusing on skill sets instead of job experience can help organizations optimize their existing talent pool. Skills-based organizations are moving away from traditional job structures and adopting agile talent development strategies. They have flatter, team-based structures with leaner job architectures, i.e. , fewer levels and job titles as well as broader pay structures.

Get S*** Done Now: 8 Tips for Project Management Success

"Project Management Success." That's a phrase on one could ever argue with. In fact, if you're reading this now, surely that phrase is what attracted you. Not the more colorful beginning of the title - of course not! No matter what your job title, if you are...

Pandemic Survival Skills – Our Top 5 Tips from the Wilderness

Pandemic survival skills? One great place to learn from is real-life survival experiences. So let me begin with a story about the time my friend and I set out on a transformative adventure of survival in the wilderness. It was a cold weekend in 2006. We were out...

Strategic Planning: 8 Exciting Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Strategic Planning is one of the most important and often misunderstood aspects of managing your company. We all know we need to do it. But most of us do it wrong. Over the years, the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) landscape has seen drastic changes. These changes...

Three Easy Ways to Innovate in 2022

There are many ways to innovate. And of course we believe you should grab onto all of them, and innovate as much as possible. Our company is called Innovation Minds, what do you expect we would say? Oh - before we go further... Happy New Year! We're really excited...

Employee Engagement in the New Normal

"The New Normal." Are you tired yet of this cliché? In case you aren't, here is a list of some more clichés we've heard in 2021. Employee engagement. Employee experience. Customer ethnography. Customer experience. Productivity. Performance. Innovation. Talent...

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