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Project Management FAQs

Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have about Innovation Minds’ Project Management suite. Also, please feel free to check out our built-in FAQs inside your portal. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, just Contact us!

Creating a Project

Create Project

If a winning idea is not put into action, it becomes pointless. Innovation Minds offers a convenient feature to map out your winning idea and turn it into a project that effectively addresses your company’s challenges. You can access the “Create a project” feature directly from your submitted idea or create a project separately from the projects menu and link it to your winning idea.

Setting up Card type

All projects have their own unique set of tasks that require management. With Innovation Minds Project Management, you can efficiently manage up to four different types of tasks within a single project. When setting up your project, you can define the specific types of tasks you need to manage and assign them with their own unique identifier icon.

Define Resolution list name

The process of your project can be characterized as the naming of lists during its creation. It is important to note that the ultimate step in the process is not always the fulfillment of tasks, as Innovation Minds provides the option to select the status that you deem as task completion, allowing for greater flexibility.

Setting up Custom fields

Special projects often require specific requirements that may not be met by default options. It is possible that the standard fields in a card may not suffice in managing your tasks. To cater to your needs, our custom fields offer a range of options such as status, text fields, numbers, and more. These attributes can be added to project tasks to help you manage them efficiently.

Managing Tasks

Creating Tasks

It’s simple to create and delegate a task but ensuring that your team prioritizes the right tasks can be a challenge. Innovation Minds provides an effortless solution to this problem with our Priority labels – High, Medium, and Low. With this feature, you can effortlessly designate which tasks should be tackled first. Additionally, you can attach important files or media to provide your team with the necessary information to complete the task.

Uploading/Downloading Tasks

Have you recognized the significance of Innovation Minds but concerned about how to transfer your data from the previous tools? You don’t have to worry anymore. Our upload/download feature facilitates seamless data migration for you. Have you completed a funded project and now want to present its outcomes to the CEO? You can easily download your tasks to demonstrate the progress of your project.

Moving Tasks across Projects

A single task can be used in various projects without the hassle of creating a new card and rewriting the entire content. Innovation Minds offers a clone and move feature that enables you to duplicate a card and shift it to another project. In case the assigned user is not part of the new project, you can easily add them.

Task Members

Your member may require assistance with a certain task. You can lend them a hand by assigning several task members to a single card, which will expedite the completion of the task.

Kanban view

Innovation Minds Kanban view allows you to map out all the stages of your work effortlessly. You can easily drag and drop cards in each stage of the pipeline to ensure efficient workflow management.

List View

The list view feature of Innovation Minds allows users to effortlessly make changes to various fields in multiple records without navigating away from the current view. It is a highly useful tool for efficiently managing sets of records.

Calendar View

Our platform populates your project tasks based on the start and end date of the card. You can easily review your tasks in a calendar format through our calendar view feature. The task bars on the calendar span the days or weeks that the tasks are scheduled for. This format is easily recognizable and allows you to quickly identify which tasks are scheduled on specific days, weeks, or months.

Overdue tasks, Due tasks and upcoming tasks reminder in dashboard

We recognize that the first thing members tend to check in the project management tool is the overdue task. To make it more convenient, we have included it in the dashboard where overdue, due, and upcoming tasks are emphasized for quick access.

Tracking Efforts


The Innovation Minds project management tool is designed to assist in tracking the individual contributions made by each team member. With this tool, team members can easily monitor their own efforts and track the actual hours spent on each task, which in turn, contributes to the overall time spent on the project.

Estimated Efforts

When working on a project, we recognize that managers have certain expectations regarding its completion and budget requirements. Our feature assists in creating a precise budget, managing resources and schedules, and ensuring accurate schedules.

Actual Efforts

Innovation Minds provides a useful feature that allows you to track the planned and unplanned activities of your team members by measuring their individual input through time tracking. This feature is essential as it allows project managers to compare actual versus estimated progress. Additionally, it helps in collecting data that can be utilized in planning future projects.

Project Analytics & Reports


Easily monitor the success of your project through our Dashboard featuring Percent completion, Target Date Deviation, and Effort Deviation. Highlighted here also are one click away overdue and due tasks for easy access.


Straightforward insight highlighting the Project Launch date and End date. You can also see here the number of days the task is past due. Actual hours vs Estimated hours for easy comparison. Completion shows the number of cards with completion date by total number of cards. Target Date Deviation shows the number of cards with completion date greater than due date by number of cards with due date. And lastly Effort Deviation shows the number of cards with actual efforts greater than the estimated by number of cards with both efforts.


Need to present a summary overview of the project’s status with the stakeholders, clients and team members? Innovation Minds provide a reporting system with multiple functions for you to generate a detailed and specific report.

Collaboration Tools


Innovation Minds Project Management tool has a built-in virtual whiteboard for collaboration with over 25 readily available templates. Managers can also invite external users to collaborate in the whiteboard for additional POV.

Chat (integrated with Teams/Slack)

The portal offers four methods to assist you in evaluating and selecting the winning ideas, which include the completeness score, voting score, impact score, and social popularity. Based on these parameters, the program administrators in support with judges can easily graduate or dispose ideas accordingly. Simple filters, drag and drop and many other tools available to make this process seamless.

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