Innovation PLATFORM


Innovation Minds provides a simple and sleek way for participants to discuss, create, brainstorm, and prioritize ideas aligned to your key business objectives. Because impact scores are built in, program managers can easily prioritize the most viable products and solutions.

  • Total solution that includes Idea Management, Collaborative Project Management, Feedback & Survey Management, and Event Management. Of course it has an integrated visual ideation tool to enable remote collaboration.
  • Bring innovation conversations to the internal social platform
  • Keep participants engaged and informed
  • Uses simplified Campaign Management Utilities
  • Provides analytics based on feedback to prioritize and align top initiatives
  • Seamless integration with your back office systems & collaboration tools
Innovation Program Home

Innovator Profiles

Our patented system uses the “IBM Watson” AI tool to learn how each user innovates to generate individual composite profiles. Talent Development uses this feedback to help individual employees strengthen their innovation competencies.

  • Combine with aggregated data including goals, skills, learning records, recognition, innovation participation
  • Use for Predictive Team Modeling leveraging AI/ML
  • Surface data-driven Talent Coaching insights
  • Use Profile Matching to define Talent Succession

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the Innovation Management PLATFORM

Enterprise Portal

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for Enterprise Innovation. Login using your company credentials to find all the programs you have permissions. From this one page, you’ll have access to multiple business scenarios: Employees Innovation Program, Hackathon, Continuous Improvement, Open Innovation, Event Management, Feedback Management, and Citizen Engagement.

  • Shows one platform with multiple programs, each tackling a different innovation use-case

  • Provides secured Single Sign On (SSO) for quick employee login

  • Offers on-premise or secured cloud deployment

Program Portals

Each Program landing page is set up for a specific business scenario, clearly showing what each program is about and engaging participants to take action. Pages are accessible from anywhere, optimized for all devices ranging from laptops to smartphones.

  • Provides customizable landing page for your specific program with built-in access rules

  • Allows custom branding and fully responsive and optimized for viewing on any device

  • Get started quickly with templates built on best practices

‘How Might We’ Challenges

Share thought-provoking challenges to get your community engaged. Everyone has a point of view, especially when the subject excites them. This feature appeals to that appetite to promote engagement.

  • Publish focused challenges that align the  innovation program to organizational goals
  • Provides “Challenges to Ideas” two-way relationship for tracking and reporting alignment
  • Promotes employee engagement with easy-to-use design based on social tools 

Idea Hub

Save your drafts, submit your ideas, interact with other ideas, and subscribe to any set of ideas that interests you. Left widgets are configurable;  the idea view can be customized as tiles vs. list. And, you can customize the data you want to collect/maintain at the Idea levels.

  • Configurable idea submission form templates with ability to add custom fields
  • Crowd voting, gamification, and social functions to build better ideas together
  • Best-practice evaluation processes and configurable wizards that suits your needs

Feedback/Survey Tool

Facilitate collection of vital feedback from constituents on any specific focus area/challenge, then coordinate the collaboration on feedback with stakeholders to devise an action plan.

  • Invite, collect, segment, and synchronize the feedback

  • Produce analytics/insights for the solicited feedback

  • Discuss, follow, and promote forward the action plan

Event Manager

Manage your events through this module, including events administration, social features, RSVP, confirmation/reminder emails, roster report, and printing tickets. Think of this as your own Meetup and Eventbrite!

  • Allows you to fully coordinate and staff Local/Global Events

  • Integrates RSVP, Calendar Invites, Waitlist, and Check-in

  • Offers robust Administration Tool, Roster Reports, and Event Analytics

Secured Messaging

This powerful collaboration feature enables all site users to interact with each other while keeping their work email address or other contact details private. 

  • Keeps discussions related to Ideas and IP private and secured
  • Communicate in real-time and build team collaboration with any program user 
  • Easily keep track of all messaging and user activities in one place, yet can be easily integrated to your Slack/Teams channels

Activity Feeds

Keep employees engaged with our Innovation Snacks feed. This is similar to Facebook Feeds feature and will keep productivity high and innovative ideas flowing.

  • Gives bite-sized innovation updates on mobile devices to help keep your audience connected

  • Engages your audience through real-time alerts on movers and shakers

  • Provides easy to use experience to promote natural adoption

Interactive Reports

Help track your organization’s program engagement, contributions, power users, and trending topics with these prebuilt and on-demand reports.

  • Measure and understand your user activity and optimize participation

  • Provides flexibility to use pre-built reports or for you to build your own reports

  • Share your reports/dataset with other systems internally using API support

Admin Tools

Manage the overall enterprise portal, including user management, system configuration, and program management. Innovation Minds makes it easy for platform admins to create, edit, or inactivate a specific program or audience.

  • Manage the platform centrally for user management, access, and security

  • Maintain system-wide configuration and customization from one place

  • Create new programs on the fly to address your various organization innovation needs

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Talent Development Tools

Innovator Profiles

These profiles allow members to manage their account and their progress. In particular, we’ve pioneered a concept called the Innovation Score, which tracks and rewards the user’s engagement with the program and the portal. This will also serve to stimulate positive competition, aka gamification. Don’t forget to check out AI-based Personality Insights of any user (powered by IBM Watson).

  • Uses built-in AI/Machine-Learning engine to generate Innovator Profiles for each employee
  • Engage employees through gamification
  • Build innovation competencies to assemble and coach winning teams

“Know My Organization & Talent” Insights

This unique feature enables managers to drill down or drill up their organization hierarchy to review and course-correct engagement and contribution.

  • Track your direct reports and organization-level engagement and contribution to the program
  • Drill up and drill down the whole organization hierarchy
  • Customize your KPIs to show/hide points of interest

Idea Insights

This tool allows managers to review their organization engagement and contribution at the functional level, such as by department, location, country, and employee level. This will empower them to make the innovation program inclusive, diversified, and impactful.

  • Helps managers measure and review the excitement, engagement, and innovation performance
  • Offers an overview of your progression across various data points through rich dashboard pages
  • Customize your KPIs to show/hide points of interest

“Idea KPI’s” Insights 

This view enables managers to make better and faster decisions by looking at innovation program KPIs for their organization. Furthermore, they can customize the view based on their priorities and needs.

  • Monitor your organization with powerful KPI & ROI Tracking
  • Compare and contrast your organization’s progression against the overall company KPIs
  • Customize your KPIs to show/hide points of your interest

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