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No. 1 Choice of Enterprise Leaders across the Globe

Innovation Minds is actively building the future of Hybrid Work – AT THE EDGE of your organization.

We are a Silicon Valley-based company formed by passionate people to empower organizations to empower their employees to thrive in today’s hybrid work environment. Our innovation based engagement model and extensive experience in technology come together in our EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE SOLUTION FOR HYBRID WORK™.


Innovation Minds is the only solution serving the needs of Innovation Officers across the full spectrum using Engagement based Innovation Model©. Fostering the collaborative creativity of the company’s human capital, corporate change management, market research, strategic planning, and new business creation strategies are delivered in a concise format that is easy for your talent to understand, align and action.

One stop shop, within itself, the IM Platform creates an Ecosystem of Engagement, Innovation, Delivery and Impact. However, it can be integrated with your single focus stand-alone tools as well to continue the holistic environment.

Balanced Innovation Success for people, process, business and technology inclusive of all core stakeholders such as employees, leaders, partners, customers and shareholders.

Developed to replace outdated & siloed strategies and tools, and purposely built to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the business and workforce.

In addition to the best technology, enjoy our world class support system to your innovation programs such as advisory services, innovation sprints and Silicon Valley innovation labs.


Attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent, compensation & benefits, building critical skills and competencies, and organizational design & change were the primary focus of people leaders before workforce dynamics changed. However, the expectations placed on people officers have grown in the last few years.

Providing employees with a better in-office/hybrid workplace, inclusive culture, increasing employees' intrinsic motivation, and helping bring in more revenue to the organization have become more important than ever. Innovation Minds is the only solution that helps you meet these needs in an impactful and holistic regard.

Innovation Minds gives CHROs access to the right tools that can help them become the champions of change in their organization, not just in human resources but across all departments.

Exclusive community & ERG portals built around the CHROs' goals to start a fire and keep it burning.

CHROs can finally be in the driver seat with the ability to drill-down/drill-up, managing the whole or any part of the organization.


Talent Leaders agree that 80% of engagement comes from our daily work, team meetings and workday breaks, corporate events, and most importantly the way our managers engage with us. The rest of the 20% comes from how well we are able to use the technology currently available to us at work. The question is: How effective is your current engagement tool in boosting engagement on both fronts?

Where the traditional engagement tools mostly focus on pulse surveys and rewards and recognition, Innovation Minds takes a fresh approach. We focus on both essential and holistic components of employee engagement to help organizations build a positive and highly productive culture.

Transforming the engagement dynamics from a management push to organically pulling employees in to engage, by making employees' day-to-day work more exciting and fun through innovation. As the leader in Innovation based Engagement Model©, we make a difference for our clients every day.

Strong focus on user experience, social networking and gamification elements makes employees feel like it is their virtual home, not another tool. Every employee deserves an exceptional manager, and Innovation Minds delivers that promise too.


Traditional learning systems are often focused on serving 10% of L&D goals, but Innovation Minds solution focuses and delivers on the needs of L&D across the full spectrum of 70:20:10.

70% of Development from on-the-job experiences - Working on tasks and problems: Virtual Watercooler, Collaborative Assessments, Whiteboard Brainstorms, Challenges, Ideas and Integrated Project Management.

20% of Development from feedback - Individuals learn about themselves and managers know of their talent for coaching & guidance: Universal Engagement score, 1:1 mentoring, skills, awards, wellness check-ins, personality traits, values & intrinsic needs. Support for LRS via xAPI for universal engagement score.

10% of Development from courses and reading: Instructor Led Training (ILT) by leveraging a centralized event portal, On Demand videos for micro learning and Curriculum Based learning using curated videos.

*Innovation Minds does not support SCORM at this point.


At Innovation Minds, we don’t just help organizations attract new employees; we also help retain them. Our truly integrated innovation and engagement services give you access to the best practices that can be used in any organizational context, whether it’s a startup or a global enterprise, and our retention solutions help keep the best of your people open to new challenges and opportunities.

Open-Innovation Challenges & University Partnerships to attract and source right and diverse talent. Pedigree vs. Potential.

Nurture an inclusive company culture both in in-office and hybrid settings and an awesome employer brand that are essential for attracting the top talent.

Enrich candidate experience by engaging new hires before they even start. Ensure the success of new hires via exclusive onboarding portal and mentoring & coaching for assimilation.

It is more important than ever to upskill and reskill employees. With Innovation Minds, it is easier to evaluate & understand an employee’s soft & hard skills and offer the ability & environment for collaboration to boost Internal Mobility.


The need to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts has long been clear, but the pandemic made it even more apparent - and urgent. Fully embracing DEI at your organization means doing more than just hiring people from a variety of backgrounds. A comprehensive commitment to DEI spans every part of the employee lifecycle. Innovation Minds helps you just do that, effectively.

Attracting talent all the way through to succession planning, opportunities exist for companies to think bigger and better about DEI - and to make a true impact on your employees.

Open-Innovation Challenges & University Partnerships to attract and source right and diverse talent. Pedigree vs. Potential.

Forming ERGs, priming the vibrant conversation, encouraging unique perspectives and embracing best practices that aim to transform DEI at your company.

Create an environment for Inclusion with a welcoming climate and ability to participate in challenges and contests of your employees’ choice of expressions, be it design thinking, beer and pitch, drop the mic or even musically, Innovation Minds is your best choice.

Enabling a Meaningful Engagement.

Maximize your productivity by making engagement a goal and practice, not just a measurement. Most of all, make it fun and easy to collaborate and 5x your results with our wide variety of employee experience tools.

Enabling a World-class Collaboration.

Bring every relevant voice into the creation of your strategic roadmap while keeping the process clear and manageable. Have everyone who matters feel heard and aligned, whether or not their inputs are brought into your strategy.

Enabling Purposeful Innovation & Impact

Align your ideas & projects to bigger company goals and values. Align your people and their larger goals to individual projects. Measure and create engagement and a great experience around projects, don’t just “manage” them.

Enabling a Tangible Transformation.

Make daily ENGAGEMENT your goal and practice, and INNOVATION as natural as breathing. TRANSFORM your company’s CULTURE by giving everyone a clear role in your organization’s success.

Administration Made Easy.

From configuration to administration and from documentation to training to insights downloads and more, everything is made easy. Beauty is that you can manage the solution at the platform level as well as individual programs levels.

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