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Innovation Minds is actively building the future of Hybrid Work – AT THE EDGE of your organization.

We are a Silicon Valley-based company formed by passionate people to empower organizations to empower their employees to thrive in today’s hybrid work environment. Our extensive experience in technology, engagement and innovation comes together in our EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE SOLUTION FOR HYBRID WORK™.

Enabling a World-class Collaboration.

Bring every relevant voice into the creation of your strategic roadmap while keeping the process clear and manageable. Have everyone who matters feel heard and aligned, whether or not their inputs are brought into your strategy.

Enabling Impactful Project Management.

Align your projects to bigger company goals and values. Align your people and their larger goals to individual projects. Measure and create engagement and a great experience around projects, don’t just “manage” them.

Enabling a Meaningful Engagement.

Maximize your productivity by making engagement a goal and practice, not just a measurement. Most of all, make it fun and easy to collaborate and 5x your results with our wide variety of employee experience tools.

Enabling a Tangible Transformation.

Make daily ENGAGEMENT your goal and practice, and INNOVATION as natural as breathing. TRANSFORM your company’s CULTURE by giving everyone a clear role in your organization’s success.

Administration Made Easy.

From configuration to administration and from documentation to training to insights downloads and more, everything is made easy. Beauty is that you can manage the solution at the platform level as well as individual programs levels.

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