Collaborative Assessments

Assessments for Your Innovation Readiness

Assessment Portal

Our end-to-end innovation program starts with a 360° assessment across departments. This engages key stakeholders to evaluate your organization’s strengths and opportunities. Once completed, you have access to all your results using the Strategic Insights Hub. 

  • Gives curated reporting of strengths and gaps
  • Compares your results to benchmark data
  • Sets the stage for a well-informed innovation program
  • Measures and tracks the impact of innovation with KPI Dashboard

Strategy Session

Next, our world-class facilitators will lead strategic discussions so executives can prioritize the highest-value problems to solve. This is a critical step to gain alignment.

The outcome of these meetings are the top 3-4  strategic challenges, which will be input into the Idea Platform and drive the Ideathon. 

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Assessments for Strategic Insights


Strategic Insights Hub

This tool helps you brainstorm and analyze your organization’s strengths versus opportunities and receive the assessment report in less than an hour. The hub includes 16 predefined surveys. Pick you focus for your innovation program, employee-facing internal service organizations, or even your core businesses.

  • Benchmark your innovation program

  • Benchmark your products and services

  • Help your internal functions move the needle

  • Facilitate collection of vital feedback from constituents on any specific focus area/challenge, then coordinate the collaboration on feedback with stakeholders to devise an action plan
  • Provides curated reporting of strengths and gaps, includes both online and pdf options
  • Compares your survey results to IM’s benchmark data
  • Sets the stage for a well-informed roadmap

Easy Assessments 

Key stakeholders use predefined surveys to evaluate an organization’s strengths and opportunities of a specific function.

  • Learn disruptive trends and emerging technologies/processes relevant to your function

  • Share your feedback for how well your functions work, or not

  • Determine where you are now, and what you should do to maximize innovation program’s impact

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