Our Engagement Models

    Innovation Minds is a holistic combination of crowdsourcing platform, strategic consulting, and in-person events. Yet we know, the need for each client may be different, so we tailor our engagement as needed.

    enagagement model

    Certified Master Facilitators

    To support implementation, we match you with a Master Facilitator, who brings expertise in design thinking, creative problem solving, strategic planning, and innovation management.

    • Maximizes participation
    • Coordinates with stakeholders to identify top challanges to solve using 360 Assessment tool
    • Manages the room to raise the energy and cut through any objections 
    • Shows how Innovation Mind’s solution works with your existing processes and tools


    To drive your innovation, we match you with an Ideapreneur or even an Inventor team, who bring subject matter expertise and research background on your industry vertical or corporate function.

    • Coordinate with stakeholders on market research/insights
    • Help with defining problem statements, ideation, patents, and MVP/product builds
    • Support and counseling for go-to-market strategy
    • AB Testing and any pivots needed
    • Practice includes Enterprise Innovation focusing on R&D, HR, IT, Finance, CS, Info-Sec, Sales, and Marketing
    • Market research includes Insurance, FinTech, Life Sciences, Law Firms, Manufacturing, Construction, Oil & Gas, and Food, Beverage & CPG
    design thinking
    design sprint
    creative problem solving

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    Our holistic innovation management solution seamlessly joins the online and real world. We provide an intuitive crowdsourcing platform and live events to engage employees, partners, and customers.

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