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We believe that human connection is the heart of innovation. Great innovation happens when people have the right mindset, tools, and process to collaborate effectively. With that in mind, Innovationminds equips enterprise/academic clients with the best crowdsourcing/AI innovation platform and in-person events to move ideas into game-changing solutions. You can check out some of the case studies to learn more about how we helped our clients in various situations, their objectives, actions we helped them take, and the results we have demonstrated together. Reference calls will be made available if you are interested to discuss and learn from these transformation journeys.


Estimated Cost Savings - 42%

Employee Enagagement - 72% in 3 mos

Graduated Ideas - 8

Mortgage Organization (Employees 8k)

A well-established secondary mortgage company informed us that it had embarked on a multimillion strategic project to fuel expansion to meet the needs of real estate builders and professionals. But it was embroiled in challenges and faced plenty of obstacles that were making it difficult for the company to achieve its goals.

Objective Action Results

To train and coach the company’s contented workforce so that they can be innovative and agile to overcome any challenges. It would go a long way to help them optimize existing and emerging opportunities.

To bring the new product onto the market faster and more efficiently

We singled out each of the challenges the employees were facing and used CDI (Customer-Driven Innovation) to fix them.

We put in place strategies/technology that would enable the company to bring any new product into the market faster and more efficiently.

The program generated innovative ideas that became the driving force in the implementation of the program.

The company had experienced workforce yet lacked exposure to innovative processes and technology. This posed a challenge to the initiative and impeded the success of a multimillion strategic project. 

Objective Action Results
To integrate the client’s customers into the company’s innovative processes because we believed that it would enhance the product portfolio and result in profitable growth. This would then make the project succeed.

We rolled out innovation and sought out the right technology through the ideation process.


The process resulted in ideas that reduced the estimated cost by about 42%


The company lacked in co-innovation and co-creation with its partners. 

Objective Action Results
Evaluate the existing product portfolio concerning the ever-changing market conditions

To rely on the framework of the 6-thon events and also utilize the SCRUM framework to help split the entire ‘Open Innovation’ project into mini cycles and sprints that would make it easier for the company to incorporate ideas from its partners and any other players in the market.


It spiced employees learning and improved eNPS by a big margin.

Telecom Organization (Employees 200k)

A mobile service provider wanted to increase its market share and give competitors a run for their money.


Objective Action Results

To increase the number of subscribers.

To increase the money every subscriber spend on the company’s services.

Enhance innovation and implementing new ideas.

Our facilitators organized a workshop with the sales team to brainstorm on innovative strategies that could help to increase the market share.

We provided a platform through which innovation ideas could be shared.

Innovation minds’ recommended for strengthening the customer care desk and change in its approach.

We emphasized on allocating more resources to innovative ideas that could keep the company ahead of the park.

We encouraged the management to Improve employees skills and offer competitive remuneration to attract and retain the best employees in the industry

By the end of year 1, the company’s revenue shot up to $2 million against the total industry revenue of $10 million. This represents a 20% market share.

There was improved efficiency in collaboration and implementing innovative ideas.

2% of employees in every department received scholarships for further training on how to maximize benefits on existing services.

Revenue Increase - 20% in a year

Employee Rewards - 2% benefited


Employee NPS - From 66 to 88

Employee Enagagement - 44% in 3 mos

Graduated Ideas - 22

Social Media Organization (Employees 10k)


Innovation minds had an opportunity to work with a social media organization with an agile and younger labor force.  It had a competent staff but was lacking the much-needed technology, business model and the right framework to spur it up.  The organization sought our intuitive and innovative ideas to help provide a solution to its problems.  Here is a detailed explanation of what took place.

Situation 1

Being a social media company, the employees were young and hungry for exciting engagements. They wanted tasks that could keep them on toes, keep them thinking, and help them become creative.  Clearly, this was not the type of people you would force to undertake mundane repetitive tasks.  They wanted tasks that could motivate them.

Objective Action Results
Introduce a disruptive and open innovation model – the model would allow the employees to be on the lookout for the ever-changing needs of the organization’s audience. It would help them generate ideas that will help meet their needs. We recommended that they get organized into groups that could brainstorm on the issue and generate fresh ideas. This way it would be possible to tap on their collective intelligence. The employee’s net promoter score (eNPS) leaped from 66 to 88

Situation 2

The organization had world-class employees, state of art processes and good products. Unfortunately, it lacked the technology that could propel it to a growth trajectory. 


Objective Action Results
To keep the employees posted on the latest technologies in the social media sectors and the resultant opportunities.

After a round of discussions, innovation mind experts recommended/implemented that the organization should set up innovative physical spaces and programs to help nature innovation consistently.


About 44% of the organization’s employee engaged with the program either directly or indirectly.

22 ideas graduated to approved projects

Situation 3

Siloed organization/ roadmaps – to help employees work as a team

Objective Action Results
To inspire the employees, so that they freely share information, processes and focus on the common goals.  It would make them agile and promote collaboration.

To purposely build innovation MVPs that leverage technologies such as AI, IoT, Gestures, VR, and AR.

Consult and assist program teams to come up with IM’s 6 thorn framework that would help them generate ideas. 

It natured and promoted networkingEnhanced futuristic learning

Created a pool of talent

Resulted in rewards an swipe in


Technology Company (Employees 15k)

Situation 1 

A technology company that had missed the transformation wave and recently gone through a major reorganization wanted to implement programs that could help it catch up with its competitors by bringing back employee engagement and motivation. We discussed the issue and came up with several strategies that could move it to the next level.

Objective Action Results
  • Instill trust in the local community
  • Cheer the community up to embrace the changes
To spike up the workforce, rejuvenate and make them work towards achieving the company’s goal. After 6 months, the fruits of our labor were visible. eNPS rose from 41 to 89 . Also, more than 72% of the employees were excited and freely engaged with the program.

Situation 2

The company was going through hard economic times and so they needed to consolidate their operations and merge up some of their functions. This could lead to loss of jobs and layoffs. 


Objective Action Results
  • To reset engagements
  • To coach the staff so that they become agile and innovative

To institute changes and implement innovation programs in line with the company’s objectives.


18 ideas were generated and graduated to approved projects.

Situation 3

The morale was low, employees were less engaged and missed targets were the order of the day. Also, morality was declining steadily resulting in many missed deliveries.

Objective Action Results
To develop a new roadmap that would align new objectives to the firm’s strategy.
  • To tailor the IM platform and tailor it to the company’s XYZ brands.
  • Assist and help the program team to come up and implementing the IM’s 6 thon framework. 

Led to 9 AR assisted data center, use of indoor GPS, use of parking finders as well as electric car charging reservations.


18 Ideas - 2 Million Savings in 1st Yr

Employee eNPS - 41 to 89

Estimated Cost Savings - 30%

Employee Enagagement - 89% in 3 mos

Graduated Ideas - 12

Insurance Organization (Employees 20k)

An experienced insurance company that has been operating for many years was concerned about its employees’ growing complacency. Some of them had served in their current positions for over 15 years. They had settled in their way of working and were happy to have the status quo maintained. This was not healthy for the company given the dynamics being witnessed in the insurance sector.

Objective Action Results
The company wanted the employees to become innovative to cope with the ever-changing environment in the insurance sector. It was necessary to introduce disruptive and open innovation models.

We introduce thought cycles emphasizing innovation, generation of ideas, developing them and applying them in solving challenges in the insurance industry.

We recommended workshops and jam sessions to teach employees to think out of the box and come up with ideas that could help them meet client’s needs.

We evaluated the process after 4 months and noted that the majority of employees were happy with the changes that had been initiated with eNPS rising from 45 to 89%.

The employees’ morale was at its lowest due to reorganization and there was a need to quickly rejuvenate the workforce. It would inspire them and change the way they do their stuff including attending to clients.. 

Objective Action Results
To rejuvenate the workforce and boost the employees’ morale.

Organized workshops where emerging trends were discussed. Developed processes that could be used to motivate employees including offering suggestions on how to leverage emerging opportunities.  Also, recommended setting up of IM’s 6 thon framework including developing assistance programs to boost employee’s morale.


We came up with strategies that would bolster employees’ morale by paying attention to mental health care and lifestyle choices that bolster employee’s well-being.

The employees were operating in a comfort zone so maintaining the status quo was the best option for them. However, it was impacting on production. So, there was a need to upset the Apple cart without inter fearing with the existing process and the workforce morale. 

Objective Action Results
Turnover the apple cart.

To build innovation MVPs leveraging on innovative tech with great emphasis on IoT and Gesture, AR, VR, and AI.


Generated 12 ideas and graduated them to approved projects. The technologies motivated employees and increased their level of responsibility.

Payment & eCommerce (Employees 35k)

Situation 1 

An eCommerce company had gone through a reorganization recently, on the other side a fierce competition from disruptors posed an imminent threat to the revenue and baseline. Innovation Minds was approached to help to shake things up that could help to lay the foundation for employees to explore and pursue innovative ideas and opportunities. Client stakeholders and our team were enthusiastic and ready to hit the road running.

Objective Action Results
To invest in talent and capacity building that could make innovation part of the company’s DNA. To motivate the employees and enable them to think out of the box We came up with a pilot innovative program that focused mainly on G&A functions. After a period of 6 months, eNPS jumped from 18-63 and 6 new MVPs were rolled out which then became the mainstream products.

Situation 2

The company’s employees cared relatively less about creativity and innovation. They continued going about their business using the runbook. 


Objective Action Results
We committed our self to help the team identify emerging opportunities that could improve product innovation

Expanded the innovation program to include the entire client organization.


It helped the stakeholders inspire the mindset of employees and 79% of the employees engaged in the programs.

Situation 3

Important projects were slipping and urgent intervention was required.

Objective Action Results
Come up with strategies to decide the projects that could be aligned and implemented. Implemented a platform that was tailored and branded for the client using Strategic Insights using 360 Assessment.  7 ideas have been graduated and implemented over the course of a year. They include Virtual ticketing, Site in a Box, Giving works, Concierge, the Valet, spot bonus via proprietary payment system, and Order ahead.


7 Ideas - 9 Million Revenue in 2nd Yr

Employee eNPS - 79

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