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UX Configuration

Innovation Minds provides a dynamic and customizable user experience tailored to enhance engagement and productivity within organizations. Our platform offers intuitive tools for customizing interfaces, managing user engagement, and facilitating communication. By empowering users with these capabilities, Innovation Minds helps organizations foster a culture of innovation and recognition.

Tailored User Experience

Innovation Minds allows users to personalize their experience with a variety of customization options:

  • Customize Home Page Layout: Users can tailor their home page by dragging and dropping widgets to arrange the layout according to their preferences. This flexibility ensures that the most relevant information is always at the forefront.
  • Customize Suggestions Page Layout: Similar to the home page, the suggestions page can be customized using a drag-and-drop interface. Users can prioritize and organize suggestions to align with their workflow and focus areas.
  • Customize Suggestion Form: Users can design their suggestion forms through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, ensuring that the form fields and structure meet their specific needs and preferences.
  • Site Settings: The platform provides comprehensive site settings to control and fine-tune various aspects of the user experience, ensuring that the platform operates seamlessly within the organization.

Managing Engagement

Innovation Minds offers robust tools for managing user engagement, allowing administrators to incentivize and track participation effectively:

  • Award Management: Administrators can add, update, or delete personalized awards, ensuring that recognition is meaningful and aligned with the organization’s values.
  • Score Management: This feature allows administrators to define which actions are eligible for earning engagement scores, givable points, and reward points. It provides a clear structure for rewarding contributions.
  • Completeness Wizard Configuration: The Completeness Wizard guides users through the process of developing their suggestions and ideas, ensuring that they provide all necessary information and achieve higher quality submissions.
  • Suggestions Workflow Design: Users can design and manage the lifecycle of suggestions, from submission to implementation, ensuring that ideas are efficiently processed and acted upon.
  • My Approvals Page: Managers have a dedicated page to approve or reject award nominations, streamlining the process of recognizing contributions and maintaining transparency.

Communication Tools

Effective communication is key to maintaining engagement and collaboration within an organization. Innovation Minds provides several tools to facilitate timely and relevant communication:

  • Manage Announcements: Administrators can create and manage announcements to keep users informed about important updates, events, and organizational news.
  • Manage Daily/Weekly Polls: The platform allows for the creation and management of polls to gather user feedback and insights on various topics, fostering a participatory culture.
  • In-app and Mobile App Notifications: Users receive timely notifications about events, announcements, and other relevant activities, ensuring that they stay informed and engaged whether they are on their desktop or mobile devices.