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User Management

Innovation Minds offers a robust user management system designed to simplify the administration of user accounts and data. This system provides tools for editing user records, bulk uploading users, managing user sign-ups, and synchronizing data with your HRIS. These features ensure that user information is accurately maintained and securely managed, supporting compliance and operational efficiency.


User Management Features

Innovation Minds provides several key features to manage user records effectively:

  • Edit User Record: Administrators can edit user records to update personal information, roles, and other relevant data.
  • Admin Proxy: Admins have the ability to proxy as any user, allowing them to troubleshoot issues, provide support, or manage user accounts directly.
  • Anonymize User Identity: For GDPR compliance, administrators can anonymize the identity of any user, ensuring that personal data is protected and privacy regulations are met.
  • Delete User Record: Administrators can delete user records as needed, ensuring that the system remains clean and up-to-date.

User Sign-Up Management

Innovation Minds offers flexible options for user sign-ups, accommodating different organizational needs:

  • Admin Adds Single User: Administrators can add individual users directly, ensuring that new users are promptly added to the system.
  • Users Self Signup: Users can sign up on their own through a dedicated signup screen. This process can be configured to either auto-approve new users or gatekeep them for administrative approval, providing control over user access.

To facilitate efficient user management, Innovation Minds supports bulk user uploads:

  • CSV File Upload: Administrators can upload users in bulk via CSV files, streamlining the process of adding multiple users at once. This feature saves time and reduces manual entry errors.

Data Synchronization with HRIS

Keeping user data synchronized with your organization’s HRIS is critical for maintaining accurate and current information:

  • Nightly/Weekly Data Refresh: Innovation Minds supports nightly or weekly refreshes of employee master data from your HRIS. This can be done via automated APIs or file transfers, ensuring that user data is consistently updated without manual intervention. This synchronization helps maintain data integrity and supports seamless user management across systems.