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UI and Branding Configuration

Innovation Minds provides a versatile User Interface (UI) that allows organizations to create a visually appealing and personalized experience for their users. From updating logos to managing spotlights and designing footers, the platform offers comprehensive customization options to align with your branding and recognition needs. Key features include logo management, spotlights and Wall of Fame management, footer design, and personalized recognition eCards and certificates.


Logos & Banners

Innovation Minds allows you to customize logos to reflect your organization’s branding:

  • Platform Level Logo: Administrators can update the logo at the platform level, ensuring a consistent brand identity across the entire system.
  • Program Level Logo: Custom logos can be added at the program level, allowing for differentiation and tailored branding within various initiatives or departments.
  • Home Page Banners: Home page banners can be easily customized to align with your organization’s branding and messaging, creating a visually cohesive user experience.

Spotlights and Wall of Fame Management

Celebrating successes and recognizing heroes is essential for fostering a positive culture:

  • Spotlights Management: This feature allows administrators to publish success stories, highlighting significant achievements and inspiring others within the organization.
  • Wall of Fame Management: Administrators can create and manage a Wall of Fame to celebrate individuals who have made exceptional contributions. This visual recognition promotes a culture of appreciation and motivation.

Footer Design

Tailoring the footer design enhances the user experience by providing relevant links and information:

  • Custom Footer Links: Administrators can design the footer to include tailored links to internal and external systems. This customization ensures that users have quick access to important resources and information, improving overall navigation and usability.

Personalized Recognition eCards and Award Certificates

Personalized recognition tools help in acknowledging and celebrating individual achievements:

  • eCards: Innovation Minds allows you to create personalized eCards for recognizing and appreciating users. These eCards can be customized with messages and designs that reflect your organization’s culture.
  • Award Certificates: Customizable award certificates can be designed and distributed to honor significant achievements. This feature ensures that recognition is formal and memorable.
  • Placeholder Graphics: Personalized placeholder graphics can be used in various communications and recognition tools, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance.