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Survey Scores

Empower Managers: Know Your Team

At Innovation Minds, we believe that understanding your team goes beyond traditional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Our innovative Know Your Team Dashboard empowers managers with deep insights and comprehensive reports for superior talent management. This feature enables quicker, more informed decisions based on detailed team feedback.

Participation Score, Sentiment Analysis, and Word Cloud

The Know Your Team Dashboard provides managers with a holistic view of employee engagement through metrics such as participation scores, sentiment analysis, and word clouds. These tools allow managers to gauge the overall mood and sentiment within their teams, identifying areas of strength and areas that may need attention.

Scores at the Question Level, Theme Level, and Overall Survey

Managers can delve deeper into survey results with scores available at the question level, theme level, and overall survey level. This granularity enables managers to pinpoint specific strengths or concerns within their teams, facilitating targeted actions and improvements.

  • Participation Rate: Participation is calculated by taking the number of people who have answered at least one question out of the total number of people who were sent a survey.
  • Response Rate: We calculate Response rate as the number of surveys submitted completely out of the total number of users sent out the survey invites.
  • Question Score: If the response to the question is either ‘Agree’ or ‘Strongly Agree’, or any other configurable positive answers, then the response is considered a positive response. We take the total number of positive responses and divide that by the total number of users that have responded to the question to get the percentage of positive responses from users who answered the question. The percentage is rounded to a full number between 0 and 100.
  • Theme Score: Average of question scores from all questions within the theme.
  • Survey Score: Average of all question scores from your direct reports within the time range.
  • Sentiment Score: Sentiment scores are a metric for measuring user sentiment. Scores can range from 0-100, where 100 is the most positive possible outcome and 0 is the least. Positive words in the aggregated user comments are assigned ‘plus’ scoring, while negative words are assigned ‘minus’ scoring in our text analysis AI software. The final sentiment score for each manager is either Green, yellow or red representing Positive, neutral and negative respectively.

Standard and Customizable Reports & APIs for Seamless Integration

To support diverse managerial needs, our platform offers both standard and customizable reports. Managers can generate reports tailored to their specific requirements, whether it’s for performance reviews, team meetings, or strategic planning. Additionally, our APIs allow for seamless integration with existing HR and analytics systems, ensuring that survey data can be leveraged across the organization.

PDF and CSV Downloads for Convenient Data Handling

For further flexibility and convenience, managers can download survey data in PDF or CSV format. This feature facilitates easy sharing and manipulation of data, supporting detailed analysis and reporting beyond the platform.

By leveraging the Survey Scores feature and Know Your Team Dashboard, Innovation Minds equips managers with the tools they need to gain actionable insights from employee feedback. This empowers organizations to foster a more engaged and productive workforce, driving continuous improvement and informed decision-making at every level.