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Survey Heatmap Reports

Engagement Deep Dive: Discover, Compare, Act

Innovation Minds empowers organizations to dive deep into employee engagement with our advanced Survey Heatmap Reports. These reports offer a comprehensive view that allows managers to discover insights, make comparisons, and take decisive actions based on detailed data analysis.

Across the Entire Organization

Our Survey Heatmap Reports provide a holistic view of engagement across the entire organization. Managers can analyze engagement levels, identify trends, and understand sentiment variations across different teams, departments, or geographical locations. This comprehensive perspective enables organizations to address challenges and capitalize on strengths effectively.

Over Rollup Reports

Manager Heatmap Reports offer a comprehensive comparison of individual managers’ engagement scores against aggregated rollup reports. This tool enables managers to see how their direct scores stack up against broader organizational trends, providing a clear understanding of their team’s engagement, including both direct and indirect reports. By identifying discrepancies and patterns, managers can take informed actions to address specific challenges and improve their team’s engagement and performance.

Over Previous Surveys

Managers can track engagement trends over time by comparing current survey results with previous surveys. This historical perspective allows organizations to assess progress, evaluate the effectiveness of implemented strategies, and identify areas where further action may be needed to enhance engagement and satisfaction.

Over Industry Benchmark

The Engagement Survey Heatmap Report provides managers with a visual representation of employee engagement levels across various dimensions, benchmarked against industry standards. This tool highlights areas of strength and identifies opportunities for improvement by comparing internal survey results with industry benchmarks. By leveraging these insights, managers can develop targeted action plans to enhance employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall organizational performance.

By leveraging Survey Heatmap Reports, Innovation Minds equips organizations with the tools needed to conduct in-depth analyses, make informed comparisons, and take proactive steps to improve employee engagement. This approach fosters a culture of continuous improvement and empowers organizations to create a workplace where employees thrive and contribute to overall success.