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Suggestion Box

At the core of every innovative organization is a culture that values and encourages employee input. Our Suggestion Box is designed to provide a safe, supportive space where you can share your ideas—whether it’s something as simple as replacing the coffee maker or as complex as revamping HR processes. With advanced tools and features, we turn your suggestions into impactful changes that benefit everyone.

Custom Fields

To ensure that your suggestions are detailed and actionable, we offer custom fields tailored to various types of ideas. This feature helps categorize and clarify your input, making it easier for the team to understand and implement your suggestions effectively.

Anonymity Options

We understand that some suggestions are best made anonymously. Our Suggestion Box provides anonymity options, allowing you to share your thoughts without revealing your identity. This ensures that everyone feels comfortable and safe to contribute freely.

Comments and Likes

Engagement is key to refining and supporting ideas. Our platform allows colleagues to comment on and like suggestions, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas can be discussed, improved, and supported by the team.

Upvote Suggestions You Support

To prioritize the most popular ideas, we have an upvote feature. You can upvote the suggestions you support, helping to highlight the ideas that resonate most with the team. This democratic approach ensures that the most impactful ideas are given the attention they deserve.

Sort by Topics or Departments

For ease of navigation and organization, you can sort suggestions by topics or departments. This feature helps you find relevant ideas quickly and ensures that suggestions are directed to the appropriate teams for consideration and implementation.

Life Cycle Tracking

Transparency is crucial for trust and engagement. Our Suggestion Box includes life cycle tracking, which allows you to see the progress of your suggestions from submission to implementation. This feature keeps you informed about the status of your ideas and demonstrates how your input leads to real changes.

Transforming Ideas into Action

Unleash your teams’ creativity and drive positive change within our organization by sharing your ideas through our user-friendly Suggestion Box. Whether you choose to speak to our voice assistant or send us an email, rest assured that every suggestion is valued, considered, and potentially transformed into impactful changes. Join us in shaping the future of our workplace and be a part of the transformation process that turns ideas into reality. Make your mark and let’s create a better tomorrow together!