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Points Reward System

At Innovation Minds, we believe in the power of recognition to enhance employee morale and foster a positive work environment. Our Bonus Points system is designed to acknowledge and reward the hard work and contributions of your talent. By offering bonuses that show genuine gratitude, you can significantly boost morale and demonstrate how much you value your team’s efforts. This approach not only encourages continued excellence but also helps to build a culture of appreciation and mutual respect.


Score Management

The Score Management Admin Module in Innovation Minds offers administrators comprehensive tools to manage and track employee scores and rewards. Designed to streamline the recognition process and enhance user experience, this module features intuitive functionalities that allow for the management of actions eligible for earning engagement scores, the allocation of points to recognize peers, and the distribution of reward points for redemption in the reward marketplace. 

score management

Booster Points Automated/On-Demand

Our Booster Points feature offers flexibility in how you recognize and reward your employees. Whether you choose to automate the distribution of points based on specific achievements or prefer to award them on-demand for spontaneous acts of excellence, our system supports your needs. Automated points ensure consistent recognition, while on-demand points allow for immediate acknowledgment of exceptional performance. This dual approach ensures that all significant contributions are celebrated in a timely and meaningful manner.

Customizable Privacy Settings

Understanding that different organizations and individuals have varying preferences for recognition visibility, our platform includes Customizable Privacy Settings. This feature allows you to tailor the visibility of bonus points and rewards to suit your company’s culture and individual employee preferences. Whether you prefer public acknowledgment or private recognition, our customizable settings ensure that your approach aligns with your team’s comfort and expectations. This flexibility helps in maintaining a respectful and supportive recognition environment.

Auto Expiration for Rewards & Booster Points

To encourage timely redemption and engagement with the rewards system, our platform includes an Auto Expiration feature for rewards and booster points. This ensures that points are utilized within a set timeframe, preventing any accumulation of unused points. By having an expiration policy, you maintain an active and dynamic rewards program that consistently drives motivation and participation among employees. This feature also helps in managing the rewards budget effectively and ensures that recognition remains a regular and anticipated part of the workplace culture.