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Gift Card Rewards

650+ Global Brands: Delight in Every Choice

Innovation Minds proudly offers a comprehensive gift card rewards program featuring over 650 global brands. From popular retailers to unique, exclusive brands, our curated selection ensures that there is something for everyone. Our gift cards are available at zero markup, providing exceptional value and variety through our user-friendly shopping cart model. This wide array of choices guarantees that each employee can find a reward that truly delights them.

Instant eDelivery of Gift Cards

Our platform supports instant eDelivery of gift cards, ensuring that recipients can enjoy their rewards without delay. Once a gift card is selected, it is delivered directly to the recipient’s email, making the process quick and convenient. This instant delivery system enhances the overall experience, allowing employees to immediately benefit from their hard-earned rewards.

Global Support of 25+ Currencies

Innovation Minds’ gift card rewards program supports global operations with the ability to handle over 25 different currencies. This ensures that no matter where your team is located, they can easily access and use their rewards. Our global currency support makes it simple to provide meaningful and accessible rewards to a diverse, international workforce.

Payroll Integration

To further streamline the reward process, our platform offers seamless payroll integration. This feature allows for the easy addition of gift card rewards directly into employees’ payroll, simplifying administration and ensuring timely delivery of rewards. By integrating with payroll, we make it effortless to manage and distribute rewards, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Innovation Minds is dedicated to providing a robust and versatile gift card rewards program that caters to every taste and preference. With over 650 global brands, instant eDelivery, support for 25+ currencies, and payroll integration, we ensure that your recognition program is both comprehensive and user-friendly. Celebrate and reward your team with a system designed to delight and motivate.