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Getting Started For Managers

Here are your keys to the kingdom. As a manager, you play a crucial role in fostering engagement and driving success within your team. This guide will help you navigate key features designed to enhance your management experience and optimize team performance.

Talent KPIs/Insights

The Talent KPIs/Insights section provides a comprehensive overview of your team’s engagement, satisfaction, sentiment, and well-being. This centralized dashboard allows you to monitor key metrics for both direct and indirect reports, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your team’s overall health. Use these insights to identify trends, address issues proactively, and celebrate successes, all in one place.

Know Your Talent

The Know Your Talent feature offers a unique drill-down capability, enabling you to explore your organizational hierarchy. This tool allows you to review any employee within your overall organization, facilitating better and faster talent decisions. By gaining a deeper understanding of your team’s strengths and areas for development, you can tailor your management approach to support individual growth and team success.

Know Your Teams

Similar to the Know Your Talent feature, Know Your Teams provides an in-depth view of your team structures. Navigate through the hierarchy to assess the performance and dynamics of any team within your organization. This feature helps you make informed decisions, optimize team collaboration, and ensure alignment with organizational goals.

My Approvals

The My Approvals section is your one-stop shop for managing tasks that require your attention. Here, you can easily review, approve, or reject items such as leave requests, project proposals, and other submissions. This streamlined process helps you stay organized and responsive, ensuring that important tasks are addressed promptly.

Hall Talks

Hall Talks is a continuous feedback mechanism designed to keep you in tune with employee sentiment. By engaging in regular check-ins, you can address evolving workplace dynamics and foster an open communication culture. This feature empowers you to be agile and responsive, ensuring that employee concerns are heard and addressed in a timely manner.


By leveraging these features on the Innovation Minds platform, you can enhance your management effectiveness and create a more engaged, productive team. Use the insights and tools available to support your team’s growth, improve decision-making, and foster a positive work environment. Welcome to a new era of collaborative management!