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Engagement Planner

Managing engagement initiatives shouldn’t be a time-consuming task. Our Engagement Planner is designed to streamline the process, allowing you to autopilot your engagement initiatives with minimal effort. Spend less than an hour a week on setup, freeing up program admins to focus on their important tasks while ensuring continuous and effective employee engagement.

Schedule Events in Advance

Plan and schedule your events well in advance with ease. Our platform allows you to set up a comprehensive schedule for all your engagement activities, ensuring that nothing is overlooked and that employees are always aware of upcoming events. This proactive approach helps maintain a consistent and engaging work environment.

Moments, Events, and Challenges

Our Engagement Planner supports a variety of activities, including moments, events, and challenges. Whether it’s celebrating small wins, hosting major corporate events, or setting up team-building challenges, our planner makes it easy to organize and manage these activities. This variety ensures that there is always something engaging happening within the organization.

Calendar View

Stay organized and maintain a clear overview of all your engagement activities with our intuitive calendar view. This feature provides a visual representation of all scheduled events, moments, and challenges, making it simple to track what’s happening and when. The calendar view ensures that you can easily manage and coordinate multiple activities without any hassle.

Elevate Your Engagement Strategy

Elevate your engagement strategy with our user-friendly Engagement Planner. Simplify the management of all your engagement initiatives while ensuring consistency and efficiency. With automation and comprehensive support for a wide range of activities, our planner is your strategic partner in creating a dynamic and connected workplace. Start using the Engagement Planner today to transform how you manage employee engagement and focus on what truly matters.