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Earn your Pride

Amplify Pride and Foster Positivity

At Innovation Minds, we believe in the power of recognition to amplify pride and foster positivity. Our “Earn Your Pride” program empowers employees with peer-to-peer appreciation, creating a culture where everyone feels valued and connected. By democratizing recognition, we enhance motivation, engagement, and a sense of belonging, boosting morale and camaraderie with every interaction. This program is designed to make appreciation a fundamental part of your organizational culture, leading to a more positive and productive workplace.

Actions Eligible for Earning Points

Our “Earn Your Pride” program includes a variety of actions that are eligible for earning points. These actions encompass everyday contributions that reflect commitment, teamwork, and excellence. Whether it’s completing a project ahead of schedule, helping a colleague, contributing innovative ideas, or demonstrating leadership, employees can earn points for their positive actions. By recognizing a wide range of contributions, we ensure that every effort, big or small, is acknowledged and rewarded.

Point Values for Engagement Actions

To ensure fairness and transparency, our program assigns specific point values to different engagement actions. These point values are designed to reflect the impact and significance of each action. For instance, mentoring a new hire may earn higher points than attending a team meeting. This structured approach encourages meaningful engagement and motivates employees to contribute positively in various ways. The clear and consistent point system makes it easy for everyone to understand how their actions translate into recognition and rewards.

Innovation Minds is committed to fostering a culture of positivity and pride through our “Earn Your Pride” program. By empowering peer-to-peer appreciation, recognizing eligible actions, and assigning fair point values, we create an environment where employees feel valued and motivated. This program not only enhances morale and camaraderie but also drives a more engaged and productive workforce. Celebrate and amplify pride in your organization with a recognition system that truly makes a difference.