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API integration

Innovation Minds’ robust survey feature allows users to delve deep into their survey data through the Survey Lead option. Within the Insights section, users can access a comprehensive Report section designed to generate detailed reports from survey data. These reports are not only insightful but also versatile, providing valuable information that can drive decision-making and strategy formulation.

Drive collaboration and transparency to new heights with Innovation Minds’ cutting-edge report sharing functionality. Instantly generate a unique URL within the Insights section, streamlining access and distribution of detailed reports. Equip your team and stakeholders with the tools they need to make well-informed decisions and propel strategic initiatives forward with ease.

Furthermore, Innovation Minds facilitates seamless API integration, enabling users to expose the generated report URL for broader application. This integration empowers users to embed survey insights into various platforms and systems, enhancing the accessibility and utility of survey data across different tools and workflows. By leveraging API integration, organizations can streamline their processes, ensure data consistency, and maximize the impact of their survey insights.