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Know and connect with the People you work with

Culture Portal, 1:1s integrated w/ Calendars, AI based Talent/Skills Match, Event Hub and Online Whiteboards.

Values-based recognition of your Peers

Peer Recognition, Employee Rewards, Redeem Portal (Global Catalog), Advanced Gamification, eNPS, Top Performers, Movers & Shakers and Wall of Fame.

Every Employee deserves an exceptional Manager

Know your Employees, Insights & KPIs, Talent Reports, Org Drilldown & Up, Personality & Sentiment AI Insights, Manager Actions and My Learning

Listen to the voice of your Employees

Engagement Surveys, Hall Talk Surveys, Collaborative Assessments, Wellness Checks, Daily/Weekly Polls and Challenges & Suggestions Portal.


Empower Employees to Celebrate Success Together

Spot Awards, Milestone & Service Awards, Award Nomination and Custom Award Certificates.

Incentives to Foster Enhanced Performance and Engagement

Rewards Marketplace (eGifts & Featured Items), Customizable Points-earning Activities, Cash Mapping and Gamification.

Earn Your Pride to Reward Your Peers Or Donate to A Cause

Reward Your Peers or Donate to A Cause, Points to Donation Cash Mapping, Donation Marketplace, Donation Certificates and Wallet Access.

Enable Managers to Recognize Productivity, Behavior and Performance

Quick Action to Reward Employees, Automated Milestone Awards, Achievements and Custom Rewards.


Elevate Work Achievements to Social Celebrations

Manager Appreciation, Peer-to-peer Recognition, Personalized Recognition Messages and e-cards.

Celebrate Milestones and Inspire Progress

Milestone Celebrations, Best Performers, Employee Highlights, And Automated Reminders and Celebrations.

Enriching Your Culture & Values to Inspire Change

Values Integration, Custom Guidelines, Values-based Moments, Custom Moments and Custom Hashtags.

Amplify Recognition with Cashless Incentives

Day Off, Volunteering Day, Lunch with CEO, Training Services and Wellness Workshops.


Ready to use Surveys to listen to your employees' voices

80+ science-backed and customizable survey templates covering a wide range of topics. Mobile-ready, public, anonymous & confidential surveys in multilingual.

Powerful Insights, analytics and real time metrics

Understand what excites your employees vs. what concerns them using real-time KPIs & Insights, Drill down/up, YoY/MoM trends and CSV downloads.

Enhance your Employee Experience through Focus Areas

Overall Survey Score, Question Scores, Theme Scores, Most Favorable/Unfavorable Areas. Personalized Manager reports.

Proven Action Planning to turn People insights into action

Execute your innovative and inclusive action plans to address the prioritized gaps via Innovation challenges, Goals/OKRs or Roadmap Projects.


Giving, Rather Than Receiving, Leads To Lasting Happiness

Charity Portal, Gift Matching, Positive Actions, Advanced Gamification and Program Recognition.

Real Impact Begins with Community Investment

Volunteering Event Portal , Grants Portal, Community Innovation Challenges, Co-innovation and Local Partnerships.

Ethical, Societally Friendly, and Beneficial to our Community

Environmental, Ethical/Human Rights, Philanthropic and Economic. Planet, Purpose, People and Profits.

Giving Back is a Habit, an Expectation, and a Way of Life

Affinity/ERG Portals, Engagement Surveys, Suggestions Portal, Passion Projects and 'Earn Your Pride to Pay it Forward'.


Connect and align your Workforce

Design Sprints, Functional Assessments, Industry Benchmark Reports, Aspirations & The Baseline and New Possibles Roadmap.

Get the Innovation results and reach goals that matter

Challenges, Idea Management, Online Whiteboards, AI Insights, Integrated Project Management, Mentors & Judges and Movers & Shakers.

Make your Talent feel they are supported, heard & included

Virtual Watercooler, Engagement surveys, Join a Team, Rewards & Recognition, Advanced Gamification and Universal Engagement Score.

Harness purposeful and data-driven Innovation

Talent Insights, KPIs & Reports, Personality & Sentiment AI Insights, Wall of Fame, My Learning, Event Hub and Innovation Lab.


Engage and align your Workforce

Design Sprints, Functional Assessments, Industry Benchmark Reports, Chat and Collaborative Whiteboards.

Activate every Employee with transparent goals and OKRs

Aspirations & The Baseline, Goals & Project Proposals Portal, New Possibles Roadmap, AI Insights and Integrated Support for Design Thinking.

Dream big. Get shit done. Have fun

Kanban/Scrum Boards, List/Calendar Views, PMO/PM Dashboards, Workflows, Advanced Gamification, Rewards & Recognition and Efforts/Time Tracking.

Turn program and People insights into action

Talent Insights, KPIs & Reports, Personality & Sentiment AI Insights, Project Satisfaction Surveys, Wall of Fame and Micro Learning.