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An engaged and motivated workforce.
The independence that delivers explosive productivity.
Breakthrough alignment among teams and departments.
Don’t just measure engagement. Create it.


Companies communicate goals daily, others don’t.


Encourage Employees to Communicate and Share

Recognition is the number one workplace motivator.

More than 40% of workers say they do not receive enough recognition from their colleagues and even less positive reinforcement from their direct manager.

Recognize your employees for their work AND for their engagement and help them recognize one another.

Our Universal Engagement Score© promotes and rewards participation driven by powerful AI and employee gamification.

Motivate Your Teams to Interact & Connect with Other Teams and Stakeholders

Your employees are not cogs in a machine. Each has a unique contribution.

Individual engagement leads to team engagement.

Increase interaction in each work stream and across work streams to maximize the possibility of getting powerful results while making everyone part of the solution.

6-Thon Events© & Sprints enable you to harness employee creativity around real challenges and engage multiple teams and stakeholders.


Employees say lack of communication has THE most negative effect on employee morale.



Employees are more likely to “give it their all” at work when they feel heard.


Align Your People with the Organization’s Values

People working in different directions on the same goals doesn’t get us anywhere. Neither does working from different mindsets.

Make it easy for people to interact with ideas and peers at every step, to align people and company: Goals, values, missions, vision.

As well as keeping them aligned with each other.

Hall Talks for ongoing Engagement and inclusive feedback.

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