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Employee Recognition FAQs

Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have about Innovation Minds’ Employee Recognition suite. Also, please feel free to check out our built-in FAQs inside your portal. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, just Contact us!

Setting up your Employee Recognition Program

Strategic Decisions – Start before the start

The program team needs to consider some key factors before implementing the rewards and recognition program. These factors include deciding on whether to offer awards, rewards, or both, determining the budget, choosing between a manager-only rewarding system or enabling peer-to-peer rewarding options, priming engagement through booster point provision or enabling points earning through organic engagements, and deciding whether to offer exclusive rewards redemption or enabling donation capabilities in the rewards marketplace. Additionally, the team must decide whether the program will be implemented globally or only in the USA.

Engagement Score Qualified Actions

You can review and choose which actions are eligible for users to earn points towards their engagement score. Additionally, you have the ability to enable or disable these actions as you see fit.

Gamified Engagement Mapping

You can review and configure the scoring points for all eligible user actions. If KPI integration is desired, your launch team will do so accordingly.

Reward Points Qualified Actions

You have the option to examine the pre-set system for earning points and customize eligible actions that contribute towards redeeming rewards.

Pride Points Qualified Actions

You have the option to examine the default point system and choose which eligible actions contribute to points granted for peer-to-peer recognition features. Additionally, you can also disable certain actions if needed.

Local Currency Mapping

We provide the option to convert points to local currencies using Tango card exchange rates for USD in all the countries and currencies that we support. If you need any assistance with this process, your Innovation Minds team is happy to help. Additionally, our mapping program is user-friendly and displays up-to-date conversion rates from USD when you set up mapping points for non-USD currencies.

Reward Marketplace Setup

Innovation Minds provides a wide range of options with more than 600 popular brands to choose from. The engagement manager is given the freedom to handpick the desired rewards to offer to their staff members. They can easily configure their selection using the “Reward Configuration” function.

Awards Setup

We can assist you in creating a customized award program that aligns with your company’s values and culture. Our library of award certificates and icons can be utilized to design an exceptional experience for each award, or we can help you upload your own company-specific templates. You have the option to set predetermined points for awards or leave them as variables, allowing users to decide their value. We can also accommodate requests for cashless awards if that is your preference.

Award Program Account Setup

When it comes to budgeting and accounting, choosing how to establish award accounts is a crucial decision point. You have two options: either use a centralized account to fund all awards for various programs or set up a designated reward account for each program aligned with your cost center structure.

Automated Workflows

The ‘Workflow Automation’ admin panel allows you to streamline the process of recognizing and celebrating important events such as work anniversaries and social occasions like birthdays or onboarding. This feature enables you to automate milestone awards with ease.

Award Approvals

Clients usually aim to keep their programs open and transparent, but we can assist in setting it up if specific situations require approval or even setting up certain awards private.

Awards visibility

Managers and program teams may choose to distribute exclusive awards on certain occasions. To maintain confidentiality and ensure that only the selected individuals are aware of the decision while their supervisors are informed, the ‘Award Management’ panel of the administration site can be utilized to handle this situation.

Publish user guidelines for Awards & Rewards

It is essential to publish the guidelines for awards and make sure that your users are familiar with them for the success and longevity of your recognition program. You can easily utilize the artifacts and job aids provided by Innovation Minds for this purpose.

Booster Points

It’s suggested that you distribute booster points at the beginning of your program to promote positive user engagement. These points can be given to managers or employees to acknowledge the work of their colleagues or reports. Eventually, users will accumulate enough points to reward others and express appreciation for their contributions to the company.

Bulk Awards

Program administrators are recommended to familiarize themselves with the bulk award use case because it comes in handy when giving out awards in mass for special occasions like project rollouts, team accomplishments and so on.

Decide on Tax Strategy

It is critical to decide on an accounting strategy before the program is opened. Either you may give exemption for reward payouts from tax reporting perspectives, or you may decide to report on every pay cycle vs. yearend W-2 reporting at once. If necessary, Team Innovation Minds can assist with payroll integration.

Rolling out your Recognition Program

Communication Plan

Team Innovation Minds will share the best practices and templates for creating awareness of your program’s purpose, expected outcome and why it is critical for everyone to participate in it to share their transparent feedback on the topics that matter most.

Sending a broader announcement

You can use the Send Bulk Emails feature in the admin panel to send announcements and emails quickly. There is also a feature that allows you to send Unique invites for each of your users so they can skip the login step to securely access recognition form.

Spend and Impact Reports

The Innovation Minds program will keep the program managers informed about the program’s funding, as well as what else is going on with it. However, the program managers are recommended to manage the available vs. spend balance.

Recalibration of Points vs. Spend

In any program with monetary spending components, it is prudent to review the program holistically. This can be point to cash adjustments, eligible actions, reward brands and other measures that might be necessary to ensure that the program can continue as planned.

How Innovation Minds charges clients for their rewards spend? Upfront or after the redemptions?

We offer flexible pricing structures to cater to the specific needs of our clients. Here are two common models:

Upfront Payment: Most companies may choose to prepay for a certain number of rewards or a specific budget for their employee recognition program. In this model, clients pay for a predetermined set of rewards or points upfront, and then these rewards can be distributed to employees for redemption.

Pay-As-You-Go: In some cases, Innovation Minds may offer a pay-as-you-go model, where clients are charged for the rewards after they have been redeemed by employees. In this model, clients pay for the actual cost of the rewards as they are used. This approach can provide more flexibility in terms of budgeting and cost management. However, this approach involves additional fees and charges.

List of admin modules to manage Employee Recognition

  • Score Management
  • Configure Earn your Pride
  • Configure Reward Points
  • Upload Booster Points (CSV File)
  • Upload Bulk Awards (CSV File)
  • Award Management
  • Reward Configuration
  • Workflow Automation
  • Currency Mapping

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