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Employee Engagement FAQs

Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have about Innovation Minds’ Employee Engagement suite. Also, please feel free to check out our built-in FAQs inside your portal. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, just Contact us!

Setting Up Employee Engagement Program Home Page!

This page serves as a warm welcome to your program users. It provides them with information about the platform’s key features, and ways to participate and connect with other colleagues. Additionally, the page can be tailored to suit your preferences and needs.

Culture Portal

This social feed provides a platform for seamless communication and collaboration among all members of the organization, irrespective of their position, department, or location. It also comes equipped with integrated tools that enable you to foster organic engagement moments.

Employee Recognition

The system is created to make recognition easier for everyone involved. This means that managers can effortlessly express their gratitude for their team’s hard work, input, and achievements in a personalized way. At the same time, employees can also give thanks to their peers in a simple and straightforward manner.

Automated wishes for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Milestones.

Discover who among your colleagues is commemorating their birthday or work anniversary and extend your warm greetings publicly.

Employee Rewards

The Innovation Minds platform enables your workforce to share incentives based on values with ease. By giving an award, each point can be redeemed for cash value through the rewards marketplace. Furthermore, you can customize the rewards experience to suit individual preferences. For more information, please consult the Rewards & Recognition Deployment Guide.

Universal Engagement Score

This feature enables your staff to effortlessly monitor their personal engagement progress and identify which actions contribute to their engagement. Innovation Minds can also integrate your own set of KPIs to this score, all you have to do is, ask Team Innovation Minds to implement it.

Daily Wellness Check

Your employees now can express their emotions and access an array of mindfulness exercises through this feature. By doing so, they can achieve a moment of tranquility and improve their productivity throughout the day.

Daily/Weekly Polls

Our polls provide a dependable avenue for team members to express their thoughts on job satisfaction, upcoming events, and ways to improve the workplace. This feedback mechanism fosters inclusivity and helps shape a modern workplace that caters to the needs of its members.

Don’t hold back – Submit your Suggestions!

Our suggestion box tool provides organizations with an easy and efficient way to collect feedback and ideas from their employees. Users can submit their thoughts digitally with ease, making it a hassle-free process.

Innovation-fueled Engagement

Sometimes, a challenge that makes people think can lead to a discussion among the community. You can publish your challenges and opportunities and see what others have to say about them. We all have our own views on business and social topics, and this feature encourages people to share their opinions and engage with one another.

Integrated Survey Platform

Innovation Minds offers a variety of survey templates that are science-backed to assist you in collecting data from your users. You have the option of selecting a template that suits the purpose of your survey and making modifications as necessary using the ‘Customize Survey Form’ feature in the admin panel. Alternatively, you can create your own set of themes and questions. Innovation Minds supports all popular question types, such as Textbox, Select, Radio button, and text area.

Survey Insights & Action Planning

As the survey progresses, managers can access real-time KPIs, Insights, roll-up reports and CSV downloads to stay on top of their organization’s response. Admins have the special privilege of reviewing analytics from a root level or *even a select set of responses rolled up by a given Location, Cost Center, or Manager Organization. Refer to the Survey Management Guidebook for more information.

Event Hub

This module allows you to manage your events just like Eventbrite does. It comes with useful features such as event administration, social capabilities, RSVP, confirmation and reminder emails, and roster reports.

My Manager & Peers

This tool enables you to easily connect and work together with your colleagues in real time, fostering strong and productive working relationships.

Manage Your One on Ones

Users can conveniently schedule one-on-one meetings with their colleagues, team members, or peers and collaborate on tasks using this feature. The integration with calendars ensures that these meetings are reflected accurately.

Sentiment AI

Our AI technology is designed to track user sentiment and provide real-time notifications to users regarding their comments, thoughts, and level of engagement.

Personality Insights

The platform utilizes the AI feature to evaluate the content entered by a user and generate a personality profile for them. The service draws conclusions about personality traits by employing three models: Personality Insights (Big 5), Needs, and Values.

Movers & Shakers

This tool enables your employees to observe how their colleagues are participating in the program.

Manager Dashboard

The lead module is a user-friendly dashboard that provides comprehensive information about your employees and engagement metrics. It offers both high-level and detailed insights, making it easy for you to navigate. Additionally, there are integrated manager tools that can help your managers make faster and better talent decisions.

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